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United States blacklist Mugabe

US blacklists Mugabe
South African Muslim charity also cited for funding 'terrorist' training Jun 28, 2010 10:29 PM By SALLY EVANS, ROB ROSE and SIPHO MASONDO
The US Treasury has placed former Hyundai boss Billy Rautenbach, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, and a well-known South African charity on its latest list of people it believes have funded terrorist organisations.

President Robert Mugabe Photograph by: TSVANGIRAYI MUKWAZH Credit: AP

The Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list is updated by the US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which enforces economic sanctions against those listed.
The Al Aqsa Foundation of SA - which claims to be Southern Africa's "largest orphan and needy children sponsorship project for Palestine" - is the latest South African organisation to be blacklisted.
Pretoria cousins Farhad and Junaid Dockrat were placed on the list three years ago. Farhad Dockrat and Junaid Dockrat, who owns a gun shop in Fordsburg, Johannesburg, remain on the list.
Though they could not be reached for comment yesterday, the two have repeatedly denied any links to global terror organisations.
The Al Aqsa Foundation is believed by the US Treasury to be a "critical part of the Hamas terrorist support infrastructure" because it sends money to the political party in the guise of charitable contributions.
The US department's website states that "several officials" from the charity are "active supporters of al-Qaeda and [Lebanon-based group] Asbat al-Ansar".
Ayanda Ntsaluba, director-general of the Department of International Relations and Co-operation, said he was not aware of a South African individual or organisation that had been included on the US Treasury's list.
"I'm unaware of any information given to us by the US. Even if they have approached us, I'm unaware of that.
"Unless the country formally approaches us, there is not much we can do. The individuals concerned have restricted movement," he said.
Also on the list are Mugabe, his wife, Grace, and nephew, Leo. Though the reasons for their inclusion are not clear, Mugabe has recently hosted US arch enemy, Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.
Rautenbach, who reached a R40-million plea bargain with South African prosecutors in connection with 326 charges of fraud at the beginning of the year, was included for his support of Mugabe and his "large-scale mining projects" in Zimbabwe.
Rautenbach could not be reached for comment.
Also included for supporting Mugabe is the controversial Zimbabwean multimillionaire John Bredenkamp.
US Treasury officials believe he is Mugabe's "crony" and subsidised his regime.
Earlier this year, Bredenkamp was blocked by US Treasury officials when he tried to sell a golf club in Marion, Illinois.
Bredenkamp's frozen seafood company, Breco, has also been blacklisted.
Since the 2001 terror attacks on the US, thousands of businesses and individuals have been added to the list.
The Dockrat cousins were listed for providing funds to a trust used by al-Qaeda. Junaid Dockrat allegedly "helped facilitate travel of South Africans to Pakistan for al-Qaeda training".
Junaid Dockrat's hunting-gear company, Sniper Africa, has also been listed.
But a South African Muslim leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity, accused the US of "targeting anyone who supports Palestinians".
"The [US Treasury's] list is designated as collective punishment and is very distorted," he said.
"It is a very big problem if you are designated on the list. Any time you want to transfer funds from the charity it will be frozen. Anything with the name al-Aqsa is designated by the Americans," he said.
The Al Aqsa Foundation, whose management did not respond to requests for comment, is registered with the Department for Social Development and claims to have raised money for more than 300 Palestinian charities.
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Jun 29 2010 01:37:35 AM Tackler

Good. Mugabe is one of the dodgiest characters on earth. There's no depravity he won't descend to.
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Jun 29 2010 01:58:35 AM The Skank

@ townsend ---------------------------------- You are blinded by bullsh*t
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Jun 29 2010 02:29:51 AM webcaddler

am wit u townsend america en england thnk they can phychologically make us turn our backs on our leaders.damn those 2 nations r cruel jst learnt that they encourage people to consume and eat MSG contained food by saying tis not dangerous to the society.yet MSG was proven to slowly disfigure and mentally affect u.it affects the nervous system of the brain and this leads to low concentrations and low abilities to tackle hard brain storming activities.lowers the ability o communicate to others.physically is destroys you by being fat.no wonder almost half the americans are fat.now fifa is here in SA and every Fifa volunteer is givin a R60 voucher everyday to consume Mcdonalds and Mcdonals is very rich in MSG.all the Fifa voluteers are university students en working class.now they feed em msg.theyr destroying their brains so they cant think en the whole nation collapse then depends on them (america en england).i f----en hate em.f-- tackler..f---- the skank.
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Jun 29 2010 02:34:34 AM The Skank

@ townsend _____________________ Pfft, your prejudices are your own problem - you know as much about me as you do about Mugabe, and for the record, I never said sh*t about whether or not he's a state sponsor of terrorism. Unlike you I don't believe everything I am told
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Jun 29 2010 02:40:40 AM grant9

@ townsend Britain and America brought about the destruction of Rhodesia. African countries did not lift a finger. When I read a comment like yours I would love to shove in the faces of so many Brit and USA politicians and say, "See we told you so - we knew this was going to happen".
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Jun 29 2010 02:59:36 AM townsend

@the skank I have no prejudices. just the facts. and you do believe everything that you are told if you even think for one second that Mugabe is a state sponsor of terror. not once have you stated anything about this blantant lie from america and england. how can a country that has been riddle with full blown sanctions disguised as targeted sanctions even remotely endorse or have any links to terrorism at all. as I said earlier you whites have a vested interest inseeing land reform fail in zimbabwe. but america and britain are wasting their time. because land reform in zimbabwe will never be reversed Mugabe or no Mugabe. the whites in south africa are returning that land to the rightful owners also. this too shall pass, with Mugabe still in charge. if anything all this does push Tsvangirai's expiration date closer than it already was. and zimbabwe will sell their diamonds with or without approval from the kimberly process. the sales from the diamonds will bust their illegal sanctions and there will be no use for Tsvangirai then. watch and see.
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Jun 29 2010 03:59:16 AM Stewedroot

Remove the tyrant, and save the people.
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Jun 29 2010 04:34:46 AM Tackler

Mugabe is being made to feel like a fresh dog-dropping on the Oval Office carpet.
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Jun 29 2010 04:38:30 AM Truth still

Townsend when will you be leaving the land you occupy and return to the home of your ancestors. You have no right to be in the US.
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Jun 29 2010 04:55:43 AM townsend

@truth still I am a natural born citizen here, born and raised. but I will have no problem living in africa. If osama can live in a cave without any western luxury's I can survive in africa easily. @tackler I dont know about this story now. have been searching on the U.S. sites for over an hour and have found nothing. but will keep looking though. and barack had better worry about himself because his name keeps popping up in the corruption trial of former Illinois governor Rod Blagoevich. seems that the states attorneys office has him on tape making a quid pro quo for an exchange of money. but the prosecutor keeps objecting to any mention of baracks name. but last week a witness snuck one in and testified under oath that there were two other people in the room when baracks former chief campaign financier Tony Rezko made the ofer to him to illegally accept money for a political kick back the two people in the room were blagoevich and barack obama. obama has already lied under oath and said that he was never in a room with Rezko when any of his illegal deals took place. this week is going to be very big for him because its the defense turn to call witnesses and Rahm Emanuel is on the defense witness list. and he was caught on tape making illegal deals also.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boks bully the Azurri

Boks bully the Azzurri
2010-06-26 15:57

Morne Steyn (File)

East London - The Springboks gave the Italians a rugby lesson, with Morne Steyn the arch-destroyer of the Italians' spirit.Scorers:Boks:Try: Morne Steyn x 2, Pierre Spies, Jannie du Plessis, Bryan Habana, BJ Botha, Flip van der MerweConversions: Morne Steyn x 5, Ruan Pienaar x 2Pnalties: Morne Steyn x 2Italy:Try: Michele SepePenalties: Mirco Bergamasco x 2
South Africa:15. Gio Aplon, 14. Jean de Villiers, 13. Jaque Fourie, 12. Juan de Jongh, 11. Bryan Habana, 10. Morné Steyn, 9. Ricky Januarie, 8. Pierre Spies, 7. Francois Louw, 6. Schalk Burger, 5. Andries Bekker, 4. Bakkies Botha, 3. Jannie du Plessis, 2. John Smit (captain), 1. Gurthrö Steenkamp Substitutes: 16. Chiliboy Ralepelle, 17. BJ Botha, 18. Flip van der Merwe, 19. Dewald Potgieter, 20. Ruan Pienaar, 21. Butch James, 22. Wynand OliverItaly:15. Luke McLean, 14. Michele Sepe, 13. Gonzalo Canale, 12. Andrea Masi, 11. Mirco Bergamasco, 10. Craig Gower, 9. Simon Picone, 8. Sergio Parisse (captain), 7. Manoa Vosawai, 6. Paul Derbyshire, 5. Marco Bortolami, 4. Carlo del Fava, 3. Lorenzo Cittadini, 2. Fabio Ongaro, 1. Salvatore PeruginiSubstitutes: 16. Leonardo Ghiraldini, 17. Franco Sbaraglini, 18. Quintin Geldenhuys, 19. Alessandro Zanni, 20. Tito Tebaldi, 21. Riccardo Bocchino, 22. Matteo Pratichetti

Zim holds 'terrorists' at SA border

Zim holds 'terrorists' at SA border
25/06/2010 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

Thwarted ... Our headline on Iraq arrest of alleged World Cup terror mastermind

ZIMBABWE says it has arrested two suspected terrorists trying to enter South Africa, raising new fears of a terror plot against the ongoing FIFA World Cup.
The state-run Herald newspaper reported Friday that the two men were Pakistani nationals, one of them a “wanted international terrorist”.
The newspaper said the men were seized on Sunday at the Beitbridge border where Zimbabwe and South Africa are operating a joint command post for the duration of the World Cup which runs until July 11.
“It is understood that the two flew from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania where they fraudulently acquired Kenyan passports before connecting to Zimbabwe by road,” the Herald reported, citing police sources.
Zimbabwe’s national police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena said there would be a media briefing on the arrests later Friday.
The two men, said to be undergoing interrogation in the capital Harare, have not been named.
The arrests have echoes of last month’s claims by Iraqi officials that they had smashed an Al Qaeda plot to cause carnage at the tournament. Iraqi authorities said the mastermind was 30-year-old Saudi national, Abdullah Azzam Saleh Misfar al-Qahtani, who was arrested in Baghdad.
No reaction on the Zimbabwe arrests could be immediately obtained from South African police who say they have a water-tight security plan to ensure the safety of teams and fans.


Terrorverdächtige an Grenze zu Südafrika verhaftet

Wegen Terrorismusverdachts sind zwei Pakistanis beim versuchten Grenzübertritt nach Südafrika von simbabwischer Polizei festgenommen worden. Laut der staatlich kontrollierte simbabwische Zeitung "The Herald", hätten die Sicherheitskräfte die Männer als Imran Muhammad (33) und Chaudry Parvez Ahmed (39) identifiziert. Der südafrikanische Rundfunk berichtete, dass mindestens einer der beiden von Interpol wegen terroristischer Aktivitäten gesucht werde.

krone.tv: Das musst du gesehen haben!

Teste dein Wissen beim Wochenquiz!
Muhammad und Ahmed hätten versucht, mit gefälschten Pässen am Grenzübergang Beitbridge (Bild) in den Kap-Staat einzureisen. Beide seien von Saudi-Arabien aus zunächst nach Tansania geflogen, wo sie sich nach diesen Informationen falsche kenianische Papiere vor der Weiterfahrt nach Simbabwe besorgt hätten. Mittlerweile sitzen sie in der Hauptstadt Harare in Haft.
Angesichts der weltweiten Aufmerksamkeit, die die Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft hervorruft, war die Gefahr eines Terroranschlages von den Organisatoren nicht ausgeschlossen worden. Südafrika war allerdings in der Vergangenheit kaum von Terror- Attacken betroffen. Die Grenze zu Simbabwe gilt jedoch als extrem durchlässig, weshalb während der WM die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen erheblich verschärft wurden.


Police deny terror arrest

2010-06-26 12:43
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Johannesburg - Two Pakistani nationals were arrested in Zimbabwe on suspicion of being illegal immigrants when they tried to cross into South Africa, national police said on Saturday.Colonel Vish Naidoo said the two had suspicious documents when they were arrested by the Zimbabwean police.Naidoo denied earlier reports that the men were held on suspicion of terrorism."Nothing like that [terrorism] was ever discussed. The Zimbabwean police only arrested the two because they had wrong documents. We were informed because they were trying to come to South Africa," he said.Naidoo did not have further details on the matter.According to media reports the two were Imran Muhammad, 33, and Chaudry Parvez Ahmed, 39 and they tried to enter South Africa via Beitbridge border crossing with Zimbabwe on Sunday.Zimbabwe's government-run Herald newspaper said police believed the suspects tried to enter the country with fake passports.The men flew from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania where they allegedly acquired fake Kenyan passports before entering Zimbabwe overland.Police did not release further details. "They are in Harare and in custody as investigations on the case continue," the Herald quoted a police spokesperson as saying.


Pakistani terror suspects named

26/06/2010 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

Target ... Concern terror groups may target world cup finals

Police have named the suspected Pakistani terrorists who were arrested Bietbridge Border Post last Sunday as they tried to enter South Africa raising fears terror groups could be trying to target the football tournament underway in the country.
Imran Muhammad, 33, and compatriot Chaudry Parvez Ahmed (39) were nabbed by alert immigration officers as they attempted to cross the border last Sunday night using fake passports.
South Africa is hosting the FIFA World Cup Finals and the purpose of the duo’s visit to the country remains unclear.
Zimbabwe and South Africa are operating a joint command post at Beitbridge for the duration of the tournament.
Muhammed is said to be wanted in Pakistan for alleged involvement in the terrorist attacks that hit Mumbai, India in 2008.
The Herald newspaper reported that Muhammad and Ahmed flew from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania, where they fraudulently acquired Kenyan passports before connecting to Zimbabwe by road.
But immigration officers at Beitbridge discovered the fake documents and alerted the police border control officers leading to their arrest.
A police spokesman said investigations were continuing.
"They are in Harare and in custody as investigations on the case continue," ZRP spokesperson Wayne Bvudzijena was quoted as saying.
South Africa has repeatedly given assurances that the soccer tournament will be safe but fears remain that the country could be vulnerable to attack.
Officials insist South Africa’s non-aligned status and the lack of any substantial local support for militant groups insulates the country from terrorism.
Still he country’s security services and the football governing body FIFA are cooperating with foreign security agencies and Interpol to ensure the safety of both visitors and teams participating in the tournament.
Experts say while South Africa has not been a target in recent years, terrorist groups might ‘target the event and not the country’.
"It (World Cup) is the biggest sports event in the world. Although South Africa might think we are beyond the interests of groups like al Qaeda, the event is the target, not the country," said Anneli Botha, from the Institute of Security Studies in Pretoria.


Zimbabwean police identify pakistani terrorist suspect
Saturday, 26 June 2010 00:29 Editor

Zimbabwean police have identified the suspected international terrorist arrested at Beitbridge Border Post on Sunday night as Imran Muhammad who is wanted in connection with the Mumbai bombings that left hundreds dead.
Muhammad (33), a Pakistani, arrested on Sunday along with fellow countryman Chaudry Parvez Ahmed (39) as they tried to enter South Africa are now in custody as an international terrorist investigations begins. The duo were using fake passports.
The arrest of the two entering South Africa during the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup has raised much worry around the world.
The state-run Herald said while authorities would not divulge how investigations were proceeding, the Daily Times of Pakistan in January this year reported that the Special Investigation Group of the Federal Investigation Agency was looking for Imran Muhammad as well as 119 other suspected terrorists.
It could not be determined yesterday if this was the same person who is now in custody in Zimbabwe.
Indications were that the Muhammad wanted in Pakistan was allegedly involved in the terror attacks that rocked Mumbai, India, in November 2008.
However, a search of the online database of Interpol’s wanted persons did not return any matches.
Another online search of legal cases involving the name in the past decade showed a case in America of a Pakistani named Imran Muhammad Butt who overstayed in the US in November 2001 and said he could not return home because he would be persecuted because of "membership in a particular social group".
It could not be established at the time of writing if this was the same person.
Sources said Muhammad was normally based in the Chilean capital of Santiago.
It is understood that Muhammad and Ahmed flew from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania, where they fraudulently acquired Kenyan passports before connecting to Zimbabwe by road.
Their luck ran out on Sunday night when an immigration officer at Beitbridge discovered they were using fake passports.
The official alerted the Police Border Control Unit leading to their arrest.
Zimbabwe police are still investigating the case and would not give away anything yesterday.
Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena said the two were assisting police with investigations.
"They are in Harare and in custody as investigations on the case continue."
Assistant regional immigration officer Mr Evans Siziba added: "It’s an issue that is before the police.
"Maybe when they are through we will be at liberty to comment."
Police and Immigration officials would also not say if an international arrest warrant had been issued or what particular acts of terror the suspected terrorist was wanted for and in which country he was sought.
South African and Zimbabwean police have assured visitors that they will thwart crimes of concern during the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup, which started on June 11 and ends on July 11.
Zimbabwean police are in South Africa assisting their counterparts for the duration of the tournament.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GPS keer kopskoot

GPS keer kopskoot
2010-06-22 23:33

Mnr. JJ Strydom van Rietfontein in Pretoria wys waar ’n motorkaper se koeël sy GPS getref het voordat dit deur die windskerm is.Foto: Wayne Coetzee

Foto's · Lesersfoto’s · Nuus in Foto's
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Virginia Keppler
'n Man van Rietfontein in Pretoria het eergistermiddag ’n kopskoot vrygespring toe hy ’n kaper se pistool weggeklap en met sy bakkie weggejaag het.

Die skoot het afgegaan en die koeël wat waarskynlik vir mnr. JJ Strydom (30) se kop bestem was, het eers sy GPS getref voordat dit deur die dubbelkajuit- Ford Ranger se voorruit is.

Hy het daarna onder ’n koeëlreën uit Mamelodi, in die ooste van Pretoria, weggejaag sodat hy nie “flenters” geskiet word nie.

Strydom was in Mamelodi om ’n voertuig te gaan waardeer toe die voorval omstreeks 14:30 gebeur het. Hy het vertel hy het iewers in die ooste van dié woonbuurt by ’n stopteken stilgehou toe hy aangeval is.

“My bakkie se venster was oop en die volgende oomblik het iemand ’n pistool teen my kop gedruk en my deur probeer oopmaak. Ek het eers my hande in die lug gehou, maar toe hy nog met die deur peuter, het ek sy hand met die wapen van my af weggeklap waarna ’n skoot afgegaan het.

“Ek het my bakkie gelukkig in eerste rat gehad en kon onmiddellik wegjaag. Nog skote het agter my geklap, maar ek het net aanhou ry totdat ek op die ou Cullinan-pad, oos van Pretoria, uitgekom het.

“Daar het ek gesien nog twee koeëls het my bakkie getref – teen die regteragterdeur en deur die bakflap,” het Strydom gesê.

Hy het daarna reguit huis toe gery en het gister eers ’n klag by die Moot-polisiekantoor aanhangig gaan maak.

“Ek het groot geskrik. Ek is net bly ek is oukei.”

Dit is nie die eerste keer dat hy onder motorkapers deurloop nie.

“In 2004 is ek in Mamelodi gekaap en die kapers het my met ’n geweer agter die kop geslaan voordat hulle my selfoon, gordel, horlosie, al my persoonlike besittings en my motor gesteel het. Hulle het my daarna tussen plakkershutte in Mamelodi afgelaai.”

Sy pa, mnr. Johan Strydom sr. (64), is vier maande gelede in Nelspruit oor die kop geslaan en gekaap. Die polisie het die voertuig kort daarna teruggekry.

Strydom jr. se broer, Jaco (32), is verlede Oktober in Hatfield gekaap. “Hulle het hom ook gedwing om geld uit sy rekening te trek en met hom in die kattebak rondgery voordat hulle hom uitgegooi het en met sy BMW verdwyn het.”

Die polisie ondersoek volgens sers. Lynnette Erasmus, woordvoerder, ’n klag van poging tot motorkaping.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An unforgettable beer, bud

An unforgettable beer, bud
The case of the orange dresses at the World Cup sets an alarming precedent, write Dan McDougall in Cape Town and Stephen Armstrong Jun 21, 2010 11:57 PM By Dan McDougall and Stephen Armstrong
The Big Read: Two women will appear in a Hillbrow court today.
Current Font Size:

DRESSED TO ANNOY: Dutch fans celebrate during the World Cup match between Netherlands and Denmark at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg. Fifa alleges that the orange dresses were part of an 'ambush marketing' stunt by Dutch beer firm Bavaria Picture: DAVID CANNON/GALLO IMAGES
Thanks to Fifa, Bavaria has achieved worldwide publicity beyond its dreams Jacob Zuma
Their crime? Wearing an orange dress in a football stadium.
On Wednesday morning last week Mirte Nieuwpoort, 30, and Barbara Castelein, 29 huddled in their hotel room, hoping desperately to hear from their country's embassy.
When the phone in their room rang, however, it was the hotel manager. Half a dozen police officers had barrelled into reception and demanded the women come down to meet them.
They were told by police that, following a 48-hour investigation in Johannesburg and Amsterdam, they were being arrested.
The police took them from their suburban hotel to a dirty courtroom in Hillbrow.
Witnesses said the women looked pale and shaken as they sat in the dock with orange backpacks at their feet.
The magistrate ordered them to surrender their passports and post R9250 bail or face immediate imprisonment. They were ordered to return to the court today.
Fifa, football's world governing body which organises the World Cup, alleges that the dresses were part of an "ambush marketing" stunt by Dutch beer firm Bavaria.
Police said the two women had recruited 34 South African women to attend the Netherlands' first match, against Denmark.
Initially disguised as Danish supporters, the women stripped off to reveal their orange dresses. Press photographers at the game were drawn to them. The dresses bore a tiny Bavaria logo.
The women had therefore broken the exclusivity granted to Budweiser as the official beer of the World Cup.
Incredibly, this is a criminal offence and the police were not pussyfooting around.
It is Fifa's heavy-handed response that is attracting attention. Nieuwpoort and Castelein, according to Fifa, are the masterminds of a devious criminal plot.
Flown in to South Africa, "they hired innocent local girls" whom they "compelled to lie to police", then "devised a strategy to decoy security authorities" before committing their crime.
If this seems farcical, bear in mind that laws passed in the UK in 2006 to protect sponsors of the 2012 Olympics offer similar penalties. They even ban the use of the word "London" in advertising unless you have paid the Olympic organising committee to become an official commercial partner.
Many see the case of the Johannesburg Two as an example of the commercialisation of sport taken to ridiculous lengths.
Others, however, note that thanks to Fifa, Bavaria has achieved worldwide publicity beyond its dreams.
The orange dresses might herald an era of ambush marketing.
In South Africa the protection of these official sponsors, which have poured hundreds of millions into Fifa coffers, has reached a new level.
Before each World Cup match, local radio stations have broadcast checklists of draconian rules to be obeyed - or else. Fans must not take branded umbrellas to games, despite it being a particularly wet winter. If you want a beer within 1km of a stadium, you must drink Budweiser.
Mpumi Mazibuko, a rights protection manager for Fifa, said undercover brand police are patrolling World Cup stadiums to ensure no brands other than Fifa sponsors are allowed in the commercially restricted zones.
He said: "We protect the brand that is Fifa, that is our job."
Last month Fifa took a Pretoria pub owner to court to get him to remove banners and flags that said, "World Cup 2010" and "2010 South Africa"; while it took another firm to court for selling lollipops branded "2010 Pops".
Low-cost airline Kulula was even asked to withdraw an advert declaring that it was the "Unofficial National Carrier of the You-Know-What".
"Ninety-nine percent of Dutch supporters wear orange when they're going to watch Holland play," said Al Moseley, creative director at the Amsterdam ad agency 180. "There's almost no way they would have noticed the so-called 'brand specific cut' of these dresses.
"In fact, the only reason most of them, and most of the world, have heard about the stunt is because Fifa and the South African authorities were so heavy handed."
The case has developed into a diplomatic incident.
The South African ambassador to the Hague was called in by Dutch officials to explain the arrests and Maxime Verhagen, the Dutch foreign minister, said: "It is absurd that the two women have a jail term hanging over their heads for wearing orange dresses in a football stadium."
Castelein, a marketing executive, and Nieuwpoort, a dental nurse, are waiting to hear their fate at today's court appearance. Their legal expenses are being met by Bavaria, the company said.
In a statement this weekend, the women said: "We think this will all be over soon - can you imagine really going to jail for wearing an orange dress?"
To most people, the absurdity of the situation would seem self-evident, but not to the bigwigs of Fifa. - Times News Service, London

Shot man found lying on road

Shot man found lying on road

2010-06-22 09:03

Hilda Fourie, Beeld
Pretoria - A former policeman lay in the bitter cold alongside a car on the N14 highway for hours, waiting for help after he was shot nine times under mysterious circumstances.Charl Marais, 43, has been kept in an artificially induced coma at Unitas hospital in Centurion since he was found next to the car at about 06:00 on Saturday morning. Marais, who was in Koevoet for years, was declared medically unfit by the police about eight years ago due to post-traumatic stress disorder. Since then, he has been doing security work in war-torn areas across the world.QuestionsGeorge van Schoor, with whom Marais stays when he's in South Africa, said there are a number of questions regarding what happened to his brother-in-law."We're waiting for him to wake up so he can tell us what happened," said Van Schoor. "All I know is, you don't shoot someone if you want to warn them."On Friday night, Marais said he was going to visit friends in Lyttelton.He arranged for his niece Laure, 20, to stay up so she could switch off the alarm when he came home.But Laure fell asleep. She woke with a fright at 04:45 and realised her uncle wasn't home yet.She phoned him then, and again two hours later, but both times his cellphone was dead.At about 07:30 a police official broke the news to them that Marais had been found on the N14 highway, about 3km from the R55 off-ramp at Olievenhoutbosch."Someone who drove past there saw him lying in the cold against the back wheel of the car," said Van Schoor.Ice-cold"He must have gotten out to and try get someone's attention. It's not clear how many hours he lay there, but when the police arrived he was ice-cold."Marais was shot in his ribs, side, behind and stomach. He had nine bullet holes in his body.According to Van Schoor, there are two bullet holes in the driver's seat, one in the floor of the car and one in the passenger door. There is also blood on the roof.The car, which belongs to Van Schoor, had no fuel left and the battery was flat.Marais's wallet, cellphone and a jacket belonging to Van Schoor were stolen."Someone shot to kill him," said Van Schoor."We don't know whether he was hijacked and whether they (the criminals) drove there with him or whether the car broke down on the side of the road. These are the questions we're struggling with."
- Beeld
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SWC fever worries Bok coach

SWC fever worries Bok coach
2010-06-21 22:32

Peter de Villiers (AFP) Stephen NellEast London – John Smit and Schalk Burger both had a limited part in Monday morning’s Springbok training session, but coach Peter de Villiers appeared far more concerned about the effects of football fever than injuries.De Villiers on Monday declined a request by a local journalist to wish Bafana Bafana good luck for Tuesday’s World Cup match against France.The Bok coach feels the sideshows involving the World Cup divided his team’s attention between rugby and football.While South Africa beat Italy in Witbank quite comfortably, the performance in the 29-13 win did not meet the Boks’ expectations.“We drove over 100km last week to support Bafana and it meant that we were still on the road at 1am the next morning,” said De Villiers.“We don’t normally do that in a Test week. There were a lot of team commitments and maybe I made the mistake not to place enough emphasis on motivation.“I’ve done some soul-searching and definitely made a few mistakes before the game. I’ve shared it with the team and want to limit outside influences to a minimum this week.“There are six new guys in the squad and I don’t want them to get the wrong impression of what Springbok rugby is all about.“Thing were a little loose, but I am 50% to blame and it’s important that I now create an environment in which we can all be comfortable.”Harsh words were spoken on Monday morning when the Boks analysed their performance in Witbank.“We were quite harsh on one another, but the players now understand how we feel. We also refreshed their memories about the energy the South African public draws from good rugby and a good team,” said De Villiers.“My biggest concern is the silly little errors the players made. It may have been due to a lack of concentration.“Maybe we should have done things differently (with regards to the Soccer World Cup), but it was our contribution to show that different sports codes should support one another.”Apart from the football fever there weren’t injuries in the team.Smit and Burger will be fit to play, though team doctor Craig Roberts said that they would monitor how both reacted to training after they missed the first Test against Italy with respective hamstring and ankle injuries.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dwarslêers gesteel

Dwarslêers gesteel

2010-06-20 22:50

Die stoomlokomotief, kolewa en watertenk van die Friends of the Rail-stoomtrein lê gister op sy kant nadat hy 800?m van die Cullinan-stasie ontspoor het. Foto: Theana Calitz
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Mia Willemse
’n Stoomlokomotief wat waens met honderde passasiers gesleep het, het gister op ’n Vadersdag-uitstappie buite Pretoria ontspoor omdat dwarslêers naby die Cullinan-stasie onder die treinspoor uitgesteel is.“Dankie, Here, my pa is oukei,” het me. Dominique Smith (25) van Pretoria-Oos gister met ’n groot glimlag gesê kort nadat die lokomotief van die Friends of the Rail-stoomtrein, waarvan haar pa, Steve (55), die stoker was, ontspoor en ná ’n “harde slag” op sy sy beland het.Volgens mnr. Johannes Jaf-tha, polisiewoordvoerder, het die ongeluk 10:55 gebeur en is nie een van die 627 passasiers wat Vadersdag op dié 190 ton-trein op ’n uitstappie was, beseer nie. “’n Voorlopige ondersoek wys dat boewe ’n paar van die dwarslêers op die spoor naby Cullinan gesteel het en dít het die ongeluk veroorsaak,” het Jaftha gesê. Die stoomlokomotief, kole-wa en die watertenk van die trein het omgeslaan.’n Verligte Dominique Smith het vertel sy en haar suster, Bernadine (24), het gister spesiaal op die trein gery omdat hul pa moes werk en hulle op Vadersdag by hom wou wees.Die trein was omtrent 800 m van sy stilhouplek op die Cullinan-stasie van waar hy sou terugkeer Pretoria toe. “Toe ek die ongelooflike harde slag hoor, was die heel eerste gedagte wat deur my kop gegaan het of my pa oukei is. “Ek het geweet hy is voor in die lokomotief en toe ons stop, spring ek uit en hardloop met alles wat in my is om by hom uit te kom.”Volgens mnr. Smith het hy dadelik na sy twee dogters, wat in een van die agterste waens was, gehardloop. “Ek kon hulle nie dadelik kry nie, toe bel ek vir Dominique (op haar selfoon) en was só verlig toe ek hoor hulle het nie seergekry nie. Ons kan vandag vier dat ons drie darem nog lewe en volgende jaar kan ons gelukkig weer Vadersdag saam wees,” het hy gesê.Volgens hom het dinge baie vinnig gebeur. “’n Trein kan nie dadelik tot stilstand kom nie en toe ons agterkom wat aangaan, was dit reeds te laat. Ek het na goed gegryp waaraan ek kon vashou om nie aan die onderkant van die vallende trein te beland nie,” het hy gesê. Mnr. Nathan Berelowitz, voorsitter van die Friends of the Rail-klub, het gesê: “As dit nie was vir die drywer wat omtrent so stadig soos loopspoed gery het nie, kon hierdie ongeluk in ’n baie lelike tragedie verander het.”Mnr. Henry Lazenby, wat gister in beheer van die trein was, het gesê die trein het baie skade opgedoen. “Die boewe het beslis vir baie skade gesorg.“Toe ek daardie verskriklike slag hoor, het ek geweet daar is net een ding wat dit kon veroorsaak,” het hy gesê. Volgens hom steel boewe die dwarslêers om meubels mee te maak.Friends of the Rail is ’n nie-winsgewende organisasie. Die geld wat hulle met uitstappies verdien, word gebruik om ou stoomlokomotiewe te restoureer. Die Spoorveiligheidsreguleerder het gister in ’n verklaring gesê hulle ondersoek die voorval. Mense met inligting oor die diefstal van die dwarslêers word gevra om die Cullinan-polisiekantoor by 012 734 0751 te skakel.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oranje rokkies: 2 oorweeg regsaksie

Oranje rokkies: 2 oorweeg regsaksie

2010-06-18 22:32
Rokkies laat 2 in hof beland
Daniëlla du Plooy
Die twee Nederlandse vroue wat in hegtenis geneem is oor “roofbemarking” by WB 2010, oorweeg stappe teen Fifa en die polisie.Mee. Mirte Nieuwpoort (30) en Barbara Castelein (29) is Woensdag in die selle van die Booysens-polisiekantoor in Johannesburg aangehou voordat hulle in ’n spesiale WB 2010-hof verskyn het.Hulle word van die oortreding van die Wet op Bemarking en 2010 Fifa-regulasies aangekla, het me. ­Debbie Zin, aanklaer, gesê.Die twee was lede van ’n groep van meer as 30 vroue wat oranje rokkies gedra het wat ’n simbool van ’n advertensieveldtog van die Nederlandse bierbrouery Bavaria is. Die Amerikaanse bier Budweiser is ’n WB-borg en Bavaria word dus as ’n mededinger van Budweiser beskou. Die woord Bavaria verskyn een keer, piepklein, op die rokkies. Die groep het die rokkies tydens Maandag se wedstryd tussen Nederland en Denemarke in Soccer City gedra.Nieuwpoort en Castelein het in ’n verklaring van hul regs­firma, Bowman Gilfillan, gesê hulle wil uit die openbare oog bly, maar oorweeg stappe teen Fifa en die polisie. “Ons verstaan nie hoe dit kon gebeur het nie, veral as die Fifa-beamptes ons heeltyd daarop wys dat ons moontlik tot ses maande tronkstraf gevonnis kan word. Die eerste dae was veral erg – ons moes hoor dat ons nie mag hardloop nie, want ons kan dalk geskiet word!”Die vroue het gesê hulle glo alles sal goed afloop. “Kan jy jou indink ons moet tronk toe gaan omdat ons ’n oranje rok gedra het?”Bowman Gilfillan het in die verklaring gesê die vroue is rustig ondanks die trauma waardeur hulle is.“Woensdag is hul hotelkamer sonder ’n lasbrief deurgesoek en persoonlike artikels geneem. Dié optrede het onder meer hul reg op privaatheid en vryheid van spraak aangetas.”Die vroue oorweeg glo om “by die gepaste instellings” klagte teen Fifa en die polisie in te dien. Die hofverrigtinge is tot 22 Junie uitgestel. Die vroue moes elk R10 000 borgtog betaal, wat Bavaria glo namens hulle gedoen het.

Forgive Boks a bungling day !

Forgive Boks a bungling day!

Victor Matfield (Gallo) Comment: Rob Houwing, Sport24 chief writerCape Town – If South African rugby was in the midst of a dark era, we might have looked at their jaundiced showing against Italy in Witbank on Saturday and shaken our heads in further despondency.But it isn’t, and that has to be kept firmly in mind.You cannot summarily say a team that trounced Six Nations champions France so stirringly only a week earlier has suddenly gone off terminally like a hidden, half-finished can of pilchards at the back of the fridge.Indeed, with significant changes made for the first Test against Sergio Parisse’s gutsy but essentially limited outfit, the home XVs could not really be accurately compared from one weekend to the other anyway.No question: this was a dog’s breakfast of a Springbok showing and in the second half you might even argue that it attracted flies, into the bargain, as raggedness and imprecision infected the ranks with growing vigour.But I, for one, am disinclined to put the boot in. Not yet, anyway – we are entitled to expect an altogether more vibrant and cohesive Bok showing in the East London follow-up next week.Or, as acting captain Victor Matfield put it afterwards at the Puma Stadium: “We must just get the top three inches right.”Yes, it was sobering that the Italians, in only losing by 16 points which means coach Nick Mallett must surrender all his hair courtesy of an in-house challenge, actually dominated possession overall and forced the world champions into making more tackles.But, even at the risk of this sounding disrespectful to the northern hemisphere minnows, it was impossible not to deduce that some involuntary complacency and lethargy crept into the broad Bok mindset for this one.This is, after all, one of those “obligation” mini-series sandwiched unpleasantly between the Super 14 and Tri-Nations when preservation slightly eclipses urgency, no doubt, in the thinking of some seasoned South African players.And speaking of the Super 14, I cannot and will not put to pasture my theory that far too many Bulls and Stormers representatives who competed to the bitter end of that competition have been summoned to Test duty with indecent haste. Read, more accurately: without any rest at all.Some players are being mismanaged and near-exploited, by my book, in defiance of warnings from the sports medicine fraternity.The Witbank game probably only confirmed, in some cases, that while hearts may be willing in defence of the green-and-gold cause, minds and bodies are not exactly brimming with lustre.Bryan Habana was a classic case in point. Still dangerous in bursts as a fine finisher and committed defender, this was a notably split-personality showing from him, with the left wing making an unusual gaffe or two and his focus going AWOL at important moments.Not that Habana was alone in any fumble-fingers characteristic: several others fell prey to it as continuity was a glaring fault for the Boks.They were guilty of failing to manage the “pill” nearly carefully enough at rucks or rolling mauls and the problem was compounded by Ricky Januarie, at scrumhalf, blowing decidedly hot and cold with his passing and general controlling of things. (He was certainly not all bad, his barrage of vocal critics need to be reminded.)No 8 Pierre Spies also had an iffy day at the office, one minute providing a pass that would lead to a score and the next surrendering the ball to the opportunistic Italians frustratingly in contact for so big a specimen.Another negative simply must not be ignored: Butch James, employed first at inside centre and then at flyhalf in the closing stages, earned a stupid yellow card for a trademark high tackle at a time when the Boks were attempting to turn screws, and instead the Italians got a bit of a second wind that actually saw them “win” the second half 10-7.Somebody needs to come down like a ton of bricks on this otherwise solid, versatile customer – if that penchant were to rear its head for him in a really red-letter Springbok game, it could prove much more costly.As Joel Stransky put it in commentary: “His mind disappears (at times) and leaves his body.”There were some bright Bok aspects, like the fact that they were so palpably out-of-synch but nevertheless managed the imaginary “bonus point” for four tries, a couple of them cleverly worked.Zane Kirchner set up one for Habana with a deft grubber off his wrong foot, while the fullback also registered his maiden Test try off Januarie’s final pass on the short side. And Jean de Villiers was reasonably convincing in the outside centre channel.A pleasing aspect of the Bok pack was a mostly forceful showing in the scrums, where Gurthro Steenkamp was all fire and brimstone against Italy’s strongman Martin Castrogiovanni – so much so that the big No 3 was bent back like a swiftly-reversed banana in one and it led to his early exit with apparently damaged ribs.Chiliboy Ralepelle worked honestly in the hooker’s jersey, and he is benefiting, touch wood, from a reasonable stint of injury-free rugby for a change.And Francois Louw continues to build his reputation as an influential combatant on the deck.He is built so intriguingly differently to someone like Heinrich Brussow, presently on the long-term casualty list, but is immensely powerful from his lower legs right through to his shoulders and can, of course, contribute equally comfortably as a barnstorming ball-carrier and adaptable blind-sider if required.Five out of 10, Boks, at best. Try to up it to seven or eight in East London …
SA kry kitsrugby2010-06-19 23:15

Suid-Afrikaanse rugby staan op die drumpel van ’n reuse-verandering met die geboorte van ’n nuwe internasionale kompetisie op plaaslike bodem.Dié kompetisie sal in Januarie 2012 begin en sal gegrond wees op die suksesvolle Indiese Premierliga (IPL)-krieketskouspel.Rugbyliefhebbers sal meer as 200 van die wêreld se voorste rugbyspelers sien kragte meet in Kaapstad en Durban in dié twee stede se nuwe Wêreldbeker-sokkerstadions. Bok-sterre soos John Smit, Victor Matfield, Bryan Habana, Schalk Burger, Jean de Villiers, Juan Smith, Jaque Fourie, Heinrich Brüssow en Bismarck du Plessis, asook All Black-staatmakers soos Richie McCaw en Daniel Carter, die Aussie-yster Phil Waugh en die Wallaby-spelskepper James O’Connor is volgens betroubare bronne van dié uitsoekspelers.Hulle sal oor nagenoeg drie weke in die beoogde rugbyskouspel speel en daardeur miljoene rande verdien.Tientalle sterre van Engeland, Frankryk en Argentinië sal ook deelneem.Die geld wat spelers in die nuwe kompetisie kan verdien kan moontlik meer beloop as die totale waarde van hul huidige jaarlikse kontrakte by hul onderskeie unies en spanne regoor die wêreld.Die gewese Springbok-flank Rassie Erasmus en die Kaapse prokureur Frikkie Erasmus is deel van die konsortium wat die nuwe kitsrugby-kompetisie sal bestuur. Die Suid-Afrikaanse Rugbyunie (Saru) het reeds die kompetisie bespreek en dit in beginsel goedgekeur. Hoë amptenare van Saru is van mening dat die kompetisie nuwe lewe in die spel kan blaas. Die ontwikkeling van die spel sal plaaslike rugby geldelik bevoordeel deurdat ’n gedeelte van die inkomste uit die kompetisie aan Saru en rugby-provinsies geskenk sal word om rugby te bevorder.Die formaat en reëls van die nuwe kompetisie, wat straks as die International Super Rugby-reeks bekend sal staan, is tans ’n groot geheim.Tog kan Sport24 onthul dat die planne vir die kompetisie vir agt verskillende spanne voorsiening maak wat op ’n rondomtalie-grondslag teen mekaar sal meeding.Die topvier-spanne sal in twee halfeindstryde kragte meet, met die wenners wat in ’n eindstryd om groot prysgeld sal meeding.Geskoei op krieket se IPL-reeks sal ’n wedstryd uit twee helftes van 20 minute elk bestaan. Al agt spanne sal op dieselfde dag op dieselfde veld agtereenvolgens in verskillende kragmetings in aksie wees.Die deelnemende spanne sal as franchises aan sakelui verkoop word. Dié eienaars sal hul spanne saamstel uit die beskikbare kandidate wat op ’n veiling aan die hoogste bod verkoop sal word. Dít sal dan ’n mengsel van nasionaliteite meebring – Kiwi, Bok en Aussie kan byvoorbeeld dan in één span teen hul landgenoot-sterre in die ander spanne meeding.Om te verseker dat toeskouers aan vinnige en skouspelagtige aksie blootgestel word, sal enkele van die Internasionale Rugbyraad (IRR) se rugbyreëls gewysig word.Die doelwit is om die spel vinniger te maak en onderbrekings en vertragings tot die absolute minimum te beperk.Al die reëlveranderings is nog nie afgehandel nie, maar volgens inligting sal daar sekere beperkings op die skop van die bal geplaas word.Reëls rondom probleemareas soos die afbreekpunte en skrums sal na verwagting ook aangepas word om die vloei van die spel vinnig te hou.Die uitsaairegte van die nuwe kompetisie is nog nie verkoop nie, maar internasionale en Suid-Afrikaanse TV-maatskappye is gretig om dit op te raap.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fratsongeluk eis SA sportlegende

Fratsongeluk eis SA sportlegende
2010-06-18 12:01

Johannesburg - Die Dusi-koning, Graeme Pope-Ellis, wat die Dusi-kanomarathon 15 keer gewen het, is in 'n ongeluk op sy plaas in Pietermaritzburg dood, het die Dusi-reëlingskomitee Vrydag gesê.

Pope-Ellis (62) het ploegwerk met sy trekker gedoen toe die trekke oor hom gerol het.

"Ons is absoluut verpletter deur die nuus. Graeme was 'n Suid-Afrikaanse sportikoon," het Ray de Vries, Dusi-woordvoerder, gesê.

"Ek was verlede week saam met hom toe hy aan The Unlimited Dusi Mfula bergfietsgeleentheid deelgeneem het en hy het gesê hoe baie hy dit geniet."

Pope-Ellis word oorleef deur sy vrou, Wendy, en hul dogter, Leigh.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sexy rokkies het vroue in sop

Sexy rokkies het vroue in sop

2010-06-17 00:12

Mee. Barbara Castelein en Mirte Nieuwpoort eergister buite Soccer City in die rokkies wat die herrie veroorsaak het. Hulle is gister in hegtenis geneem.Foto: ap
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Daniëlla du Plooy
Twee van die Nederlandse vroue wat in skrapse oranje Bavaria-rokkies – ’n bierhandelsmerk wat nié ’n amptelike borg van die Wêreldbeker-sokkertoernooi is nie – by ’n sokkerwedstryd opgedaag het, is voor die hof gesleep.
Hulle het eers gisteroggend by ’n polisiekantoor deurgebring voordat hulle in die Johannesburgse landdroshof verskyn het.
Dít ten spyte van Fifa se ontkenning dat die vroue aangekla word.
Die vroue moes elk R10000 borgtog betaal om vrygelaat te word, wat Bavaria glo namens hulle gedoen het.
Die blonde mee. Mirte Nieuwpoort (30) en Barbara Castelein (29) was deel van ’n groep van meer as 30 vroue wat sexy oranje rokkies gedra het tydens Maandag se wedstryd in Soccer City tussen Nederland en Denemarke.
Die polisie het die twee gisteroggend douvoordag wakker gemaak en aangehou.
Hul uitrustings is ’n simbool van ’n advertensieveldtog van die Nederlandse brouery Bavaria, berig Retha Grobbelaar.
Die Amerikaanse bier Budweiser is ’n borg van die sokkertoernooi en Bavaria word dus as ’n mededinger vir Budweiser beskou.
Fifa maak miljarde rande uit sy bemarkingsprogram en het daarom baie streng reëls daaroor. Die reëls beskerm amptelike borge se reg om hul verbintenis met die toernooi vir reklame-doeleindes te gebruik.
Ander maatskappye wat die indruk probeer skep dat hulle iets met die WB-toernooi te make het, word deur Fifa as “hindernisbemarkers” bestempel.
Mnr. Nicolas Maingot, Fifa-woordvoerder, het gesê die Suid-Afrikaanse polisie ondersoek ’n saak teen die betrokke maatskappy.
“Fifa het ’n span kenners wat na hindernis-bemarking kyk. Hulle trek die streep oor wat hindernisbemarking is en wat net iemand is wat ’n T-hemp aan het met ’n handelsmerk op,” het hy vroeër gesê.
Hoewel Fifa gesê het geen klagte is teen die vroue aanhangig gemaak nie, het hulle gister vlugtig in die Johannesburgse landdroshof (in ’n spesiale tydelike WB 2010-hof) verskyn.
Die saak is tot 22 Junie uitgestel.
Me. Debbie Zin, staatsaanklaer, het gesê die vroue word aangekla van ’n oortreding van die Wet op Bemarking en 2010 Fifa-regulasies.
Leopoldt Scholtz berig die Nederlandse regering het gister amptelik teen die vroue se aanhouding beswaar gemaak en sou selfs gister by Suid-Afrika se ambassadeur daaroor kla.
Die hele affêre het groot aandag in die Nederlandse media getrek en al wat ’n koerant, televisie- of radiostasie is, het uitgebreid aandag daaraan gegee.
Die twee meisies word ook op konsulêre vlak in Johannesburg bygestaan, luidens die verklaring.
- Die Burger

Robbers shoot at KZN campers

Robbers shoot at KZN campers

2010-06-17 09:02
A bullet hole in one of the caravans that was shot at during a robbery at a KwaZulu-Natal campsite. (Willie Maartens, Beeld)
Daniëlla du Plooy, Beeld
Johannesburg - A group of Gauteng holidaymakers woke up to the sound of shots on Tuesday night when robbers fired at their caravans at a camp site on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast. A security guard was shot in the leg and the robbers got away with cellphones, cameras and thousands of rands.Willie Maartens, 40, from Roodepoort, said he and family members had been camping in three caravans and several tents at Gwalagwala camp site in the St Lucia Wetland Park since Saturday.The three families were sleeping when gunshots woke them up at about 00:15 on Wednesday morning.Caravan 'riddled'"The (bullets) pierced our caravans. The guards found the robbers while they were looting our cars and a gunfight ensued."It is believed there were three robbers.Maartens said it was only by the grace of God that no-one in his family was hurt or killed."If some of the people had been lying asleep on the other side of their caravan, they would have been killed. The caravans were riddled (with bullets)."It is terrible to have something like this happen when you really only want to relax and get away from it all."They also found cartridges in the tent where some of the children were sleeping."The children are upset but I think their mothers are even more traumatised."The robbers presumably broke into some of the caravans, stole car keys and then started to steal from the cars.This was when the camp's two security guards found them.Upset and shockedCamp manager, Thulani Bruce Mbonambi, confirmed the incident.He said the security guard's ankle was broken by the impact of the bullet, but he was out of danger and in a local hospital.Mbonambi said he had worked at the resort since 1999."Something like this has never happened here. Burglaries and theft, yes, but it is the first time that there has been shooting. I am upset and shocked."Maartens said police arrived quickly after the incident.The group decided not to end their holiday. "This is South Africa after all!" Maartens jokingly said on Wednesday."Where else would we go? It's not as if we are safer at home!"A police spokesperson could not be reached for comment on Wednesday night.
- Beeld
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Sepp Blatter's Great FIFA ripoff Circus

Sepp Blatter's Great FIFA ripoff Circus Issue # 127 May, 2010

“Ohmigod – they’re here, in the lobby, with their nasty questions,” panicked FIFA’s general secretary. Confident Sepp Blatter took charge. “Point them to the boardroom, spread them around that huge table so they can’t gang up on us. Take your tie off, look relaxed – and rumple your hair, man.”
And so Herr Blatter and the equally immaculate Jérôme Valcke ripped off their ties, glued warm smiles on their faces and bamboozled 20 foreign reporters into believing that the tickets disaster overwhelming the World Cup in South Africa was the responsibility of somebody, anybody – but not them.
That’s how it looked from the outside. The Almighty Blatter banned me from his press conferences seven years ago, so I have to work from the posed photos of the tieless tousled duo, FIFA’s delusional press release, the uncritical reporting of the 20 handpicked notebooks – and truths in the wider world. I had feared “the elephants” would be ignored. They were.
The meeting with the press was scripted as a matey “media round-table”, implying it was tasteless to pose the questions that should be asked about the problems FIFA have created for the upcoming tournament. In the end Blatter got away with a bland press release that he had “discussed with journalists the latest on football’s showpiece event”.
Blatter and Valcke would have been even happier reading the next day’s papers. More tickets to be dumped in the laps of poor Africans. Poor FIFA will take a hit (they claim), but no mention of yet another blow to the ever-swelling budget – the burden of South African taxpayers. And that was about it. Innocuous reports emailed back to office.
Invisible to the hacks in the FIFA boardroom – so never mentioned in their reports – were three massive monsters, their grey slab backs crushed against the ceiling, their waving trunks casting shadows over the happy gathering.
Two of these elephants, the Mexican brothers Jaime and Enrique Byrom, have been given the exclusive rights to sell World Cup tickets. You’d think that with hundreds of thousands of tickets unsold the hacks would have questions about why the Brothers repeatedly get this business.
The third partner in that jungle trio is a young fellow with an uncanny resemblance to FIFA’s president. That is not a coincidence. Philippe Blatter, the nephew, partners the two Brothers in MATCH, the company with a lock on the corporate hospitality business. They’ve 380,000 precious tickets to sell for top dollar. What a small world is the business of FIFA.
If that’s not troubling enough, pay a visit to the home of Philippe’s Infront company, in the Swiss city of Zug. The lofty glass and steel modern offices formerly housed the ISL sports marketing company. ISL had contracts similar to the ones Philippe also enjoys, minting money by selling half the World Cup television rights to eager broadcasters.
What happened to ISL? They paid $100m in bribes to FIFA and other sports officials for similar television and marketing rights, and collapsed in debt. From Philippe Blatter’s window he sees – 100 metres away – the Zug office of the magistrate investigating who got those bribes. The man who paid them is a close friend of Uncle Sepp.
FIFA’s handout later that day was headed “The fans are our priority”, and that was the end of it. Game, extra time and MATCH to the tousled tieless.
In the boardroom general secretary Valcke had mentioned that MATCH’s high-priced corporate packages were selling slowly. Shortly afterwards the grisly truth was revealed to a South African parliamentary committee. MATCH, whose prices suggest they didn’t notice when the lights went out at Lehman Bros bank, have been significantly abandoned by the corporate world.
Jaime, Enrique and Blatter junior have sold 148,000 hospitality tickets but have a massive 194,000 left on the shelf. Overall, how many tickets are unsold and will likely have to be given away? No figure can be believed because there’s sacks of them stuck with the Elephants’ agents and listed as “sold” – but aren’t. The truth is: probably in excess of 800,000. The most devastating number reflects that, of the 660,000 allocated to diehard fans of the 32 finalists, only 185,000 have been snapped up.
It’s hard to see all the marquees in those magnificent “Hospitality Villages” alongside the stadiums, illustrated in the MATCH brochure, ever being built. Legions of suppliers, chefs and waitresses will be sent away because Blatter’s cronies thought they could bleed the fans during a global economic recession.
When the Bros set up their 2010 FIFA-approved ticket business, travel agents paid $30,000 to enter the ring and guarantee to pay more for a range of games. The result: a daily stream of emails spinning around the planet sent by agents trying to unload unwanted tickets on each other.
Now the Bros, desperate to empty their warehouses of inventory, have created their own parallel black market. Anyone – you, me, the bloke over there in the corner of the bar – could cough up $30,000, become a “sponsor” of a national association and buy tickets with a face value of nearly $80,000.The smart guys jumped in, got their tickets, chucked away Honduras v Chile at Mbombela stadium, and any similar games, and packaged the better tickets with flights and rooms. (Nelspruit’s Mbombela stadium cost roughly R1bn, and will stage four forgettable round one games over 11 days – and then itself be forgotten.)
Soon hotels may be paying visitors to take rooms. A German travel agent says the Bros and Blatter Jnr and their MATCH company are quietly offering four-star hotels for one-star prices. “It’s a huge dump,” they told me. This agent and their rivals are themselves now big in the dumping business, jettisoning thousands of reserved hotel nights and hundreds of flights.
This hasn’t stopped FIFA’s expensive lawyers chasing South Africans with a sense of humour. The Kulula no-frills airline produced an ad claiming to be “The Unofficial National Carrier of the You-Know-What”.
Wham! In roared FIFA’s thought police, screaming that sponsors were being ambushed and threatening vast financial penalties for illustrating the ad with soccer balls, a player, a Cape Town stadium, the national flag and the dread words “South Africa”.
Days later the airline posted a new ad, headlined “Not next year, not last year, but somewhere in between”. The player had lost his balls and was barefoot, the stadium was unidentifiable.
Why Blatter’s anger? MATCH is charging clients a stupendous $755 for return flights across the country to games. Kulula, charging between $140 and $196, had to be suppressed.
Another number being suppressed is how much Blatter trousers every year. FIFA have just produced its annual report and, as is their custom, refuse to follow best international practice and reveal individual remuneration of those at the top of the organisation.
They won’t disclose expenses and per diems claimed by the 24-member executive committee – but be sure they are huge, and often unjustified. The only figure worth knowing is that after only eight years on the ruling body members get a pension. Last year $12m was put aside for this.
A week ago Blatter revealed how he intends to prevent bribery in the contests to host the World Cup in 2018 or 2022. His brilliant idea has amused the brigade of reporters, consultants, strategists, launderers, spooks, ex-spooks, criminals and charlatans who discuss little else but which of the two dozen voters will pocket bribes, who will pay them and the routes the money will take. The president’s answer? His ethics committee will send a strict letter to the bidders.
If anybody defies him they risk... not very much. FIFA’s toothless ethics enforcers, who have no ability to monitor bidders, no police and no investigative powers are the guarantee of fat city and offshore bank accounts.
But even as the crisis of unsold tickets and unbooked facilities deepened, Blatter had more important things to do, as he manoeuvers to defeat the challenge to his presidency expected next year from Asian football leaders. Blatter turned up in Saudi Arabia – whose “generosity” in football politics is legendary – announcing: “I know very well that the best way to win Arab support for my candidature is to come to Saudi Arabia.”
Will billions of Rands’ worth of 2010 World Cup stadia be filled mainly by South Africans? If so, it will make nonsense of those original promises (which it was deemed “unpatriotic” or “anti-African” to question) that decades of debt would be offset by the World Cup attracting hordes of dollar- and euro-spending soccer fans and tourists.
And if those bearers of our good fortune aren’t coming, it has an awful lot to do with MATCH Hospitality doing its best to temporarily turn South Africa into the most expensive travel destination in the world.
As Fifa’s “worldwide exclusive rights holder of the official hospitality programme”, MATCH has set absurdly high prices for travel and bed and board. European soccer fans booking their trip through FIFA/MATCH accredited agents stand to pay up to ten times what they’d normally expect to fork out when visiting the country.
Other “scare factors” (left to your imagination) are obviously involved, but the FIFA/MATCH hyper-inflation of costs has doubtlessly led to the present situation where ticket sales are a fraction of those projected, and which is having devastating consequences for the local small-scale hospitality industry.
On 11 January, selected overseas travel agents (plus one, unnamed, from Africa) attending a MATCH Hospitality sales agents workshop in Zurich (at FIFA headquarters) were handed a fat document detailing every aspect of handling the needs and wants of travellers to the 2010 World Cup.
The price of four star accommodation, was set at $325-$800 (R2,376 – R5,849) per night’s stay. This is accommodation that would normally cost you R500 to R1000 per night.
While Sun International and its like are not affected (Sun reports that its rooms are fully booked for the period), small operators have been left high and dry – including people who upgraded their self-catering or B&B accommodation to meet MATCH Hospitality’s requirements, in order to be listed on the MATCH website. Many of these in the Cape Town area have now learned, to their horror, that all deals and bookings have been cancelled.
Andre du Toit of Somerset West, who as late as March was assured of 78% occupancy, last month received an email from MATCH cancelling all bookings, and recommending that he do his own marketing. Noseweek contacted twenty other operators in the Somerset West area alone – all had received similar emails.
FIFA, as the likes of Andrew Jennings (see main story) have warned, plays the game according to its own rules, and their game is about making money, money and more money. FIFA’s own profits are guaranteed through sale of TV broadcast rights ($623m); marketing rights ($277m); hospitality rights ($41m); licensing rights ($10).
So if you’re wondering why FIFA, despite all its high-tech infrastructure, was “unable” to disclose exactly how many tickets were still available on 15 April, when public ticket sales were launched, just think sales pitch: “Rush out and buy, or you’ll be left out.” Or would FIFA have other reasons for not disclosing the exact number of available tickets? One expert’s guess is that the number of unsold tickets (as at 15 April) is at least one million.
Welcome to sunny South Africa, “but kindly make all payments to Zurich”.
The recent excitement about the cost of domestic flights over the World Cup period, and alleged price-fixing collusion between SAA and British Airways/Comair hid the main issue: the overseas bullies behind the price inflation itself. It was MATCH Hospitality that set a fixed price of $755 (R5,520) for its accredited carriers, for all domestic flights during the 2010 World Cup.
As for the recent Kulula spat: Comair as the holding company for both British Airways and Kulula, avoided putting all its eggs in one basket, by signing for MATCH seats on BA flights, and not on budget Kulula. But as regular Kululans know, a Kulula ticket often puts you on a BA flight. Comair’s refusal to sign both their airlines to FIFA/MATCH, must have been the irritant that prompted FIFA to send Kulula that legal letter demanding the airline withdraw its ad announcing themselves as the “unofficial national carrier of you-know-what”.

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Johannesburg - About 110 000 foreign visitors came to South Africa for the opening days of the World Cup, organisers said Wednesday, with a similar number of South Africans also returning from overseas.
Foreign arrivals were up by about one third compared to the first part of June last year, with the increase believed to be largely World Cup fans, said Rich Mkhondo, spokesperson for the local organising committee.
A total of 456 000 foreigners visited the country from June 1 to 13, up from about 345 000 during the same period last year, Mkhondo told a press conference.
"This increase for 2010 can be clearly attributed to the FIFA World Cup," he said.
The home affairs ministry also indicated that a large number of South Africans returned from overseas for the games.
About 140 000 additional South Africans entered the country compared to the same period in June last year, it said in a statement.
The ministry said arrivals were expected to keep rising as the tournament continues.
"We are quite sure that this figure will continue increasing as the World Cup progresses," it said.
South Africa expects a total of 300 000 foreign visitors during the four-week tournament, down from an initial forecast of 450 000.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chinese joernaliste beroof

Chinese joernaliste beroof

2010-06-15 22:21
Buks Viljoen
Nelspruit. – Drie verdagtes is gister buite die stad aangekeer nadat vier Chinese, onder wie drie joernaliste, vroeër die oggend die slagoffers van ’n gewapende rooftog was.Die Chinese het omstreeks 01:00 by die Mark Mountain-gastehuis by The Rest net buite Nelspruit aangekom.The Rest loop die laaste paar maande onder ’n vlaag van inbrake en gewapende aanvalle deur.Die Chinese was pas in die bed toe die twee aanvallers ’n klip deur die slaapkamer se venster gooi. Die rowers het die ruit uitgeskop en daardeur by die kamer ingeklim.Hulle het die vier mans gedwing om op die vloer te lê en met ’n pistool aangehou terwyl hulle die kamer deursoek het.Agt selfone, twee skootrekenaars, twee duur digitale kameras en ’n sak met al hul persoonlike besittings en duisende rande kontant daarin is gebuit.Die rowers het blykbaar ’n gat onderdeur die elektriese heining om die gastehuis gegrawe. Beeld het betroubaar verneem die polisie ondersoek die moontlikheid dat ’n personeellid van die gastehuis moontlik inligting oor die Chinese gaste aan die rowers verskaf het.Die drie joernaliste werk vir China Network Television (CNTV), die grootste TV-sportkanaal in China.Die vierde man is ’n vriend wat glo in Potchefstroom bly. Hy het blykbaar as tolk vir die groep opgetree.Die verslagspan het net meer as ’n week gelede in Nelspruit aangekom en sou tot die einde van WB 2010 hier bly.Hulle sou môre dekking aan die wedstryd tussen Chili en Honduras in die Mbombela-stadion in Nelspruit gee.Mnr. Albert Gryvenstein van Bossies Justice, ’n private veiligheidsinisiatief, was een van die eerste mense op die toneel. “Die Chinese het nie seergekry nie, maar was baie geskok.”Die polisie het ná die rooftog klopjagte op verskeie kampongs op plase naby die gastehuis uitgevoer.Drie verdagtes is daar aangekeer.By een van die kampongs is op ’n groot aantal selfone, rekenaars, TV’s en ander elektroniese toerusting beslag gelê.Teen druktyd was daar nog nie sekerheid of die Chinese se toerusting onder die teruggevinde items was nie.Die polisie vermoed volgens kapt. Leonard Hlathi, woordvoerder, van die gesteelde goedere is tydens ander inbrake in die omgewing gebuit.Saterdag is ’n Indiese toeris van ’n skootrekenaar en ’n klein bedrag geld besteel toe hy sy sak met dié items in op ’n bankie by die Nelson Mandela-plein in Sandton gelos het. Volgens kol. Eugene Opperman, polisiewoordvoerder in Gauteng, het die man sy sak sonder toesig gelos en toe hy terugkeer, was dit weg. “Dit kon enige plek in die wêreld gebeur het. Ons het mense gewaarsku om hul besittings nie sonder toesig te laat nie,” het Opperman gesê.

Byna 40% van mediese offisiersposte in weermag is vakant

Byna 40% van mediese offisiersposte in weermag is vakant

2010-06-16 01:35

Pieter du Toit
Kaapstad. – Byna 40% van mediese offisiersposte vir dokters en spesialiste by die weermag se drie militêre hospitale in Pretoria, Bloemfontein en Kaapstad is vakant.
Daar is ook ernstige tekorte aan aptekers, sielkundiges en fisioterapeute in uniform, het me. Lindiwe Sisulu, minister van verdediging, in antwoord op ’n parlementêre vraag van mnr. Donald Smiles (DA) gesê.
Daarvolgens is 27% van die 9?823 poste in die SA Militêre Gesondheidsdiens nie gevul nie.
Benewens dokters en mediese spesialiste sluit dit ook paramediese beroepe soos radiografiste en steunpersoneel soos adminis­tratiewe beamptes in.
Volgens Sisulu word daar ruim gebruik gemaak van dokters wat van buite die SAMGD vir spesifieke werk ingekontrakteer word.
“Die duidelike tekorte is kommerwekkend omdat van ons soldate verwag word om te alle tye paraat te wees,” het Smiles gesê.
Mnr. Helmoed-Römer Heitman, ’n verdedigingskenner en korrespondent van die tydskrif Jane’s Defence Weekly, het gesê die SAMGD gaan al ’n tyd lank gebuk onder ’n verlies aan kundigheid.
- Die Bu

Saldanha ‘is hel oor korrupte offisier’

Saldanha ‘is hel oor korrupte offisier

’2010-06-16 01:35
Die departement van verdediging sien aantygings van rassisme, bedrog en korrupsie by die Militêre Akademie op Saldanha in só ’n ernstige lig dat ’n raad van ondersoek nou aangestel is om dit te ondersoek.
Dié stap kom nadat klagtes deur beswaardes by die akademie aan Die Burger gestuur is omdat verskeie klagtes aan hoër gesag by die akademie tot dusver op dowe ore geval het.
Mnr. Siphiwe Dlamini, hoofwoordvoerder van die departement, het bevestig die raad van ondersoek sal die saak verder voer.
Die klagtes hou hoofsaaklik verband met die optrede van ’n senior offisier wat die afgelope twee jaar betrek word by enigiets van die beweerde misbruik van regimentsgeld tot die ongemagtigde gebruik van reis- en verblyfgeld en die intimidasie van bruin en wit akademielede.
Van die geld word glo gebruik vir sy dobbelbedrywighede, terwyl verskaffers kontrakte kry wat nie behoorlik gemagtig is nie. Die regimentsfonds word vir dieselfde doeleindes “misbruik”.
Al die lede van die akademie dra by tot dié fonds, wat veronderstel is om hul geriewe te verbeter.
Die afgelope paar maande gebruik die betrokke offisier dit glo toenemend om sy gaste te onthaal.
Hy het glo hiervoor selfs ’n ooreenkoms met ’n kreefverskaffer gehad, wat tans tronkstraf uitdien vir onwettige handel in seekos.
Hy het verder na bewering ’n vendetta teen die bruin lede van die akademie nadat hy met een van hulle ’n ooreenkoms probeer bereik het om ’n merietebonus aan hom toe te ken, wat hulle sou deel. Die soldaat het glo geweier, maar verskeie van sy kollegas daaroor ingelig. Sedertdien lei dié bruin kollegas glo ’n vreeslike lewe onder die offisier.
Hy het dit glo ook aan van die wit soldate gestel dat hulle “nie gemaklik moet raak nie”, want hy gaan transformasie toepas totdat dit hom pas. Dít doen hy glo reeds deur mense uit ad hoc-poste met sy eie aanstellings te vervang.
Wanneer hy oor van die uitgawes gekonfronteer is omdat dit strydig is met die weermag se regulasies, maak hy die regulasies af as riglyne wat verander kan word.
Só is R25000 goedgekeur sodat ’n koor uit die Oos-Kaap op verlede jaar se afsluitingsparade kon optree. Dit het uiteindelik glo meer as R50000 gekos, terwyl daar verskeie goeie skoolkore naby Saldanha is. ’n Munisipaliteit in die Oos-Kaap sou die geld glo terugbetaal, maar het nog nie.
Dlamini het nie gesê wanneer die ondersoek voltooi sal wees nie.
- Die Burger