Saturday, June 12, 2010

Elephant delays US players

Elephant delays US players
2010-06-11 22:27

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Rustenburg - The United States team bus was delayed on its way to a training session by a hungry elephant snacking on a tree on Friday.The elephant moved to the side of the road after a few minutes and the bus continued to the Royal Bafokeng Stadium.It was the second elephant interruption of the day for the US players. Earlier in the afternoon, a bus carrying 10 players on their way to an open-air market at the entrance to the team hotel got stuck behind an elephant, spokesperson Michael Kammarman said.The congestion occurred outside the Bakubung Bush Lodge in Rustenberg. Players timed the trip to get back to the hotel in time for the start of the World Cup opener between South Africa and Mexico, which ended in a one-all draw.Signs outside the hotel warn: "Elephants come close to our fence.. keep a distance of 30m and please be quiet" and "Baboons are dangerous - please keep clear of them and do not feed them."

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  1. " God Bless America".... Long live our Elephants and Baboons !