Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Security tips from ADT

Valuable information and security tips for ADT clients in the vicinity of the Innesfree Park 2010

Fan Fest ParkSUBURBS AFFECTED BY THE INNESFREE PARK FAN FEST PARK: High impact:Wynberg, Atholl Gardens, Glen Atholl, Strathavon, Eastgate, Kramerville Moderate to low impact:Bramley, Bramley North, Bramley Gardens, Athol, Atholhurst, Elton Hill, Winchester Hills, Melrose North, Melrose Arch, Sandown, Wendywood, Kelvin, Marlboro Gardens, Marlboro South, Savoy Estates, Strathavon, Gallo Manor, Buccleuch, Woodmead, Morningside ManorAround Innesfree Park, road closures will take place on match days and will affect the Grayston on and off ramps. You will not be able to access the M1 North from Grayston or the off ramp at Grayston coming from Pretoria. One north bound and one south bound lane of Katherine Street will be pedestrian walkways for the duration of the soccer.Alternative routes from Sandton:

People wanting to access the M1 North from Sandton need to use Katherine Street to Marlboro Drive or Grayston Drive onto Katherine Street to Marlboro Drive. People wanting to access Grayston Drive from Pretoria will have to take the Marlboro Drive off ramp onto Katherine Street.
Alternative routes from Wynberg:

People wanting to access the M1 North from Wynberg need to use Pretoria Main Rd to Marlboro Drive. People wanting to access Grayston Drive from Pretoria to get into Wynberg will have to take the Marlboro Drive off ramp onto Pretoria Main Rd. (Above information from:
We anticipate that the road closures will result in traffic delays. ADT advises that you plan your route, adapt your travelling times accordingly, or find out about flexi-time options at work.YOUR SAFETY AND SECURITY
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Commercial clients in the vicinity of Katherine and Marlboro roads should be aware that theincreased pedestrian traffic could increase the risk of vandalism, theft out of motor vehiclesand theft of motor vehicles.All motorists on routes around Innesfree Park must be extra vigilant as there is thepotential for increased smash-and-grabs.Exercise extra caution and vigilance when leaving home and arriving home. Report anysuspicious activity, vehicles or persons to ADT immediately.Exercise extra caution and vigilance in ALL public places, especially with regard to thesafety of your children.Set your alarm every time you leave the house and when you go to bed.Ensure the perimeter of your property and your gates are adequately secured at all times.Test your electric fencing to ensure it is working as it should.Test your alarm to ensure it is working the way it should. Please contact the ADT CallCentre to arrange a test or report any faults.Should you wish to make use of ADT's Casual Guarding service, please notify us well inadvance.If you are planning a soccer get-together at home, ensure that your guests are aware ofthe road closures, increased pedestrian traffic and potential security risks. Remain vigilantat home and ensure your guests' cars are safely parked at your premises.
• • • • • •
ADT Armed Reaction Officers will have all-access permits and be able to respond in all ourareas, as usual.ADT will increase visibility and deploy extra resources in the affected areas.ADT will have two Reaction Officers per vehicle, in selected areas.Selected ADT patrol vehicles will be equipped with CCTV. This is a valuable crime-fightingtool and ADT is the only security provider currently using this advanced CCTV technology.The ADT Control Room will be staffed accordingly, in order for us to handle a potentiallyhigher number of calls and activations from our clients. ADT will be setting up "fan safety zones" along affected routes. Staff manning these pointswill have a direct line to our control room and the SAPS.PLEASE NOTE:ADT clients in the vicinity of Ellis Park and Mary Fitzgerald Square, in the Johannesburg CBD, will also be affected by the soccer schedule. Please exercise the same vigilance and caution and plan your route well in advance. Ellis Park high-impact zones are: New Doornfontein, Jeppetown and Doornfontein. Moderate to low-impact zones are: Bezuidenhouts Valley, Kensington, Fairview, Lorentzville, Judith's Paarl, Yeoville and Highlands. Newtown is a high-impact zone at Mary Fitzgerald Square, while Fordsburg will be moderately impacted.
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