Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shot man found lying on road

Shot man found lying on road

2010-06-22 09:03

Hilda Fourie, Beeld
Pretoria - A former policeman lay in the bitter cold alongside a car on the N14 highway for hours, waiting for help after he was shot nine times under mysterious circumstances.Charl Marais, 43, has been kept in an artificially induced coma at Unitas hospital in Centurion since he was found next to the car at about 06:00 on Saturday morning. Marais, who was in Koevoet for years, was declared medically unfit by the police about eight years ago due to post-traumatic stress disorder. Since then, he has been doing security work in war-torn areas across the world.QuestionsGeorge van Schoor, with whom Marais stays when he's in South Africa, said there are a number of questions regarding what happened to his brother-in-law."We're waiting for him to wake up so he can tell us what happened," said Van Schoor. "All I know is, you don't shoot someone if you want to warn them."On Friday night, Marais said he was going to visit friends in Lyttelton.He arranged for his niece Laure, 20, to stay up so she could switch off the alarm when he came home.But Laure fell asleep. She woke with a fright at 04:45 and realised her uncle wasn't home yet.She phoned him then, and again two hours later, but both times his cellphone was dead.At about 07:30 a police official broke the news to them that Marais had been found on the N14 highway, about 3km from the R55 off-ramp at Olievenhoutbosch."Someone who drove past there saw him lying in the cold against the back wheel of the car," said Van Schoor.Ice-cold"He must have gotten out to and try get someone's attention. It's not clear how many hours he lay there, but when the police arrived he was ice-cold."Marais was shot in his ribs, side, behind and stomach. He had nine bullet holes in his body.According to Van Schoor, there are two bullet holes in the driver's seat, one in the floor of the car and one in the passenger door. There is also blood on the roof.The car, which belongs to Van Schoor, had no fuel left and the battery was flat.Marais's wallet, cellphone and a jacket belonging to Van Schoor were stolen."Someone shot to kill him," said Van Schoor."We don't know whether he was hijacked and whether they (the criminals) drove there with him or whether the car broke down on the side of the road. These are the questions we're struggling with."
- Beeld
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