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South African's Treachery in South America..The Tale of A wretched Warrior...By Jani Allan !

South African's Treachery In South America
The Tale Of A Wretched Warrior
By Jani Allanjaniallan911@hotmail.com12-29-5

I have largely stopped writing about South Africa for two reasons. No, three. Firstly, no one is interested. When blacks murder blacks the world averts its gaze. Secondly ­ and this is curious ­ South Africans in general seem to be in blissful denial of their fate. As Chesterton pointed out, they do not start or stare at the monster that has been brought forth. They have grown used to their own unreason. Chaos is their cosmos. When you point out that they are living in a Communist country that has the highest murder rate in the world they become angry.

The third reason is probably the most compelling reason to give South Africans a wide-berth; offer them a helping hand and they are likely to bite it.

Having said that, as 2005 draws to a close, I am compelled to write a kind of 'buyers beware' piece about a South African black-belt scam artist.

Some months ago, veteran journalist Adriana Stuijt ran a piece on her website about a hapless character, one Vincent Churchill.

The story claimed that as a result of Churchill's bravery as an underground operative in South Africa, he was able to infiltrate various terror-cells during the apartheid era. One of the cells was that of the notorious Durban bomber, Robert MacBride.

As a result of Churchill's work, MacBride, a member of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the African National Congress military arm, was convicted and spent time on death row.

Pardoned by President Thabo Mbeki, MacBride is now holds an exalted position in the Police force. His sole qualification for this top job being that he planted a bomb in a Durban restaurant killing several innocent patrons.

Churchill meanwhile fled to Bolivia.

His entire family, according to the internet report, "are demonized, criminalized, fear constantly for their lives and are harassed on a daily basis."

Some three months ago, Churchill struck up an online correspondence with a brilliant German research journalist and close colleague and friend of mine who fearlessly runs a hard-hitting web-site

A former citizen of East Germany ­ let us call her Ms Schorfheide ­ has never shirked from championing those whose lives and careers have been destroyed by communist dictatorships.

Churchill presented himself to her as a consummate gentleman and family man. He had married a Bolivian wife and was the father of two children whom he professed to love dearly. He was in dire straits, he explained, because of completely untrue claims by various South African embassies abroad that he was being sought by Interpol for Credit Card fraud.

Ms Schorfheide's generosity is legendary. Over the years she has donated money to causes as disparate as schooling for orphans to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, an organization which is striving to save the wildlife of Zimbabwe which Mugabe's tyrannical mob-government are viciously slaughtering.

It therefore came as no surprise when I learned that Ms Schorfheide was sending money to Churchill.

Churchill would spend hours on the Internet regaling her with stories about his exploits and derring-do when he was fighting the Communist ANC. The portrait he painted of himself was that of the warrior poet. Initially his relationship with Ms Schorfheide was essentially that of a therapist and patient, my friend being the therapist and Churchill the patient.

But soon the therapist was sending money to the patient's wife and children. Churchill said that they lived in a reed hut in Reyes, that the mother didn't even have money for diapers. Her family, he explained, were simple coca-growers.

When he revealed that he was dossing in an office, my friend paid for a small apartment "until he found work."
When he requested a laptop computer in order to search for employment, Ms Schorfheide obliged.

As the weeks went by, Churchill's initial professed devotion to his family waned. In one confessional session on the internet, he admitted that his wife was a prostitute. He met her in a nightclub where she was a coat-check girl. He explained that in his loneliness and despair he had turned to her. They had married although the marriage "was not really legal."

Churchill's reliance on my friend soon burgeoned into obsession. He wooed her with the zeal of a teenager. She was the Angel of his Life. He would die without her.

He would even send me messages if she wasn't online, asking me to call her in Germany and contact him urgently. Even my cynicism started to melt. No-one could profess such adoration and commitment unless they meant it.surely.?

For three months my generous friend supported the Churchill clan, including a sister who turned up with her husband in La Paz.

For three months the Churchill clan unashamedly demanded money from her. From time to time Churchill would go missing. He would reappear when he needed more money. He was in a drunken stupor. He had been robbed. He had been attacked. Someone was able to get him out of Venezuela on a ship, but it would cost $10,000.

He needed money to fly to La Paz to see his sister who was going to adopt his childrenhe needed money for the wife who was prepared to let the children go so long as he bought her a motorbikehe needed a week in a hotel in order to meet someone who was going to get him a job in Indonesia.

When his sister started writing to my friend informing her that one of the children had six toes and the other needed a hip replacement and could she have $8000 for these operations it was hard not to laugh out loud

The final straw was when Churchill disappeared leaving Ms Schorfheide with a hefty hotel bill which he had run up using her credit card as security. This, despite the fact that he had taken some $7000 dollars from her.

As it happens my friend is too much of a European lady to quibble about ransacked hotel mini bars and how many bags of peanuts he ate.

But the story does give me pause for thought. It seems to me that Vincent Churchill, the ignominious Warrior Has-Been's fate could be parallelled to that of his people. Perhaps in the end there will be jejune evidence of their existence.

Vincent Churchill has done his people a great disservice. In the eyes of the world the unfavorable image of the Afrikaner has been irrevocably reinforced.

Some believe that the Afrikaner tribe was once a nation of heroes. The Voortrekkers, in attempting to carve out for themselves some place in South Africa where they could find a future, ventured into perilous territory. The Great Trek is hallmarked with tales of heroic deeds. In spite of being riven by broedertwis (literally translated "betraying ones brother") they nevertheless built a country and forged an identity.

Now, like Vincent Churchill, an alarming number of them are morally bankrupt. Churchill's deceit and his cunning in fleecing a woman who was motivated by rare idealism, is egregious in the extreme.

The world has little einfuhlung for the remaining Afrikaners who cower in the shattered laager.

The saga of Vincent Churchill's squalid behavior is merely another nail in the coffin of the white tribe.


Jani Allan swyg soos die graf uit Amerika
2010-04-10 23:01
Marlene Malan
“Ek kon nooit bewys ek het nie ’n verhouding met Eugène Wotsis-name gehad nie. Hoe bewys ’n mens ’n negatief?
“Maar steeds gaan die Suid-Afrikaanse media voort om my lewe hel te maak.”
So het die joernalis Jani Allan in 2006 aan die Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif Femina geskryf in reaksieop ’n artikel oor haar beweerde verhouding met mnr. Eugène Terre’Blanche.
Alle pogings om die afgelope week met Allan per e-pos in verbinding te tree het misluk. Sy het op geen navraag gereageer nie.
Sy het in 2001 na Amerika verhuis.
Allan, wat op 11 September 1953 gebore is, heg besondere waarde aan die getal 9-11 en gebruik dit ook in haar e-posadres.
As rubriekskrywer van die Sunday Timeshet sy in 1987 vir die eerste keer ’n onderhoud met die AWB-leier gevoer.
Sy het erken Terre’Blanche het haar gefassineer: “Right now I’ve got to remind myself to breathe?… I’m impaled on the blue flames of his blowtorch eyes,” het sy in haar rubriek geskryf.
In 1989 het Allan geskryf hoe ’n “dronk” Terre’Blanche aan haar woonsteldeur gehamer en op die matjie voor haar deur geslaap het.
Sy het die Britse TV-kanaal Channel 4 in 1994 gedagvaar oor die bewerings van ’n verhouding, maar die saak verloor.
Sy én Terre’Blanche het deurgaans ontken hulle het ooit ’n verhouding gehad.
Allan is steeds bekend vir haar regse politieke uitkyk.
Sy skryf voorts aan Femina:
“Hoe tipies is julle van die Suid-Afrikaanse middelmatigheid. Julle is presies die rede waarom ek uit Suid-Afrika gedryf is.
“Te lank was ek stil. Te lank het ek jul idee van ‘joernalistiek’ verduur. Maar stilte beteken goedkeuring en ek keur dit nie langer goed dat julle twak oor my praat nie.”
Allan was ten tyde van hierdie brief 54 jaar oud en noem haar adres “Iewers in die Verenigde State van Amerika”.
“God seën Amerika. Ten minste is ek hier vry van jul kinderagtige wreedheid.”
Sy is binne ’n jaar daar met dr. Peter Kulish getroud.
In 2005 het Allan in ’n artikel, “The Tale of a Wretched Warrior”, geskryf sy het om drie redes ophou skryf oor Suid-Afrika: “Eerstens, niemand stel belang nie. Tweedens lyk dit of Suid-Afrikaners in ’n salige ontkenning van hul lot lewe. Hulle het gewoond geraak aan hul eie gebrek aan rede. Chaos is hul kosmos. Die derde rede is die dwingendste rede om ’n wye draai om Suid-Afrika te loop: As jy ’n hand na hulle uitsteek, is dit moontlik dat hulle dit gaan byt.”
Sy skryf voorts “daar is baie mense wat dink die Afrikanerstam is ’n nasie van helde. Ondanks die feit dat hulle geteister is deur broedertwis, het hulle steeds ’n land gebou en hul identiteit versaak. ’n Ontstellende aantal van hulle is nou moreel bankrot.”
In 2004 skryf sy in ’n artikel, “Rape 2 and call me in the morning”, dat “in ’n land waar die wêreld se eerste hartoorplanting plaasgevind het, primêre gesondheidsorg in primitiewe gesondheidsorg verander het. Dis die malligheid wat in Suid-Afrika heers.”
Oor haar eie lewe het sy in ’n artikel, “Green Card Blues”, in 2005 geskryf oor haar huwelik met Kulish, waartydens sy “?’n mishandelde vrou” geword het.
“Ek was fisiek geïsoleer, sielkundig mishandel. My lewe was ’n nagmerrie. My man se narcissisme was sodanig dat hy absolute gehoorsaamheid geëis het.
“Ek is hospitaal toe. Die diagnose was bloeiende maagsere. Ek het op straat beland, sonder ’n groen kaart of werk.
“As joernalis en radiogeselsprogramaanbieder het ek aansienlike aansien in Suid-Afrika en Amerika geniet.
“Ek bevind my in ’n desperate situasie: huisloos, werkloos, sonder mediese versekering, ’n motor of hulp.
“Ek het meer grade as dié op ’n koorspen. Ek het geloof in Amerika gehad. Maar ek word verwerp.”
Bronne: Wikipedia; www. dienuwesuidafrika.blogspot. com;;
- Rapport


  1. Who cares about Jani Allan? She is just reaping what she sowed. She destroyed so many lives with her lies and deceit. Let her have a taste of her own medicine. She is a wanna-be journalist, who could never make it in the real world. Now she is just an addict, making up stories to try and achieve her 15 minutes online. You've gotta love the internet and blogs!

  2. I stumbled over this blog accidentally by searching in the internet after recent activities of Vincent Churchill and was surprised by this posting of an old story.

    I can confirm that Jani Allan wrote the truth because I am that German friend of her.

    Yes, I wanted to support a destitute Afrikaner family (introduced by Adriana Stuijt to me) and fell for the tricks of an alcoholic criminal.

    I know that Vincent is still alive, living in his self created hell, in Ecuador, Thailand, China... wherever, if he can manage to get a short employment with his fake certificates.
    I guess he would be rather dead because his suffering would end. Poor, lost soul.

    Apart from that...
    please elaborate "she destroyed so many lifes..." etc...
    I am waiting for your proofs. Till then are YOU the liar to me. You can touch me also per e-mail.


  3. Vincent Churchill? I have read similar stories about many people. Three spring to mind, from America, Germany and Australia - all clever con-men (The American was a woman) who leech on a sucker and drain him or her dry.

    So on the basis of this story, I must tar Americans, Germans and Aussies with the same brush? I don't think I will if you don't mind. There are good and bad in all races.