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Eugene Terre'Blanche ..Twee verdagtes word aangekla

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spitsoor sê... Hierdie laakbare daad kan nie met geweld beantwoord of reggestel word nie! Hoekom, as hierdie land reeds so verdeeld is, moet vlae en geswaai word wat gemoedere opjaag?Is die Malema lied nie genoeg nie? Moet die blankes nou ook so laag daal as om hierdie plakkate, slagspreuke, vlae en wat nog rond te swaai? Hoekom wil hulle hulle gelykstel met iemand wat nie omgee nie? STYG UIT BOKANT HIERDIE GEBEURTENIS, WEES GROTER AS MENSE WAT LIEDERE SING VANAF DIE VERHOOG, BEHOU JUL WAARDIGHEID. WYS WAT IN JULLE STEEK, NIE WAT IN JUL DIEP DONKER GEDAGTES RONDGAAN NIE. Lees die storie...

2010-04-06 15:36

Die twee plaaswerkers wat in hegtenis geneem is weens die moord op mnr. Eugene Terre'Blanche is aangekla van vier misdrywe, onder meer moord.Mnr. Chris Mahlangu (28) en die 15-jarige minderjarige wat nie geïdentifiseer mag word nie, is aangekla van die moord, huisbraak, roof met verswarende omstandigede en crimen injuria.Op die laaste klag het het adv. George Baloyi verduidelik dat "hulle sy broek afgetrek het tot op sy knïee en sy private dele ontbloot het".Die saak is tot 14 April uitgestel. Die twee het nog nie gepleit nie. - Sapa

-------------Terre'Blanche suspects charged
2010-04-06 15:36
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Ventersdorp - Two farm workers, aged 15 and 28, were officially charged with four crimes including the murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche in the Ventersdorp Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.National Prosecuting Authority advocate George Baloyi said the accused, Chris Mahlangu, 28, and a minor, who cannot be named, were formally charged with murder, house breaking and robbery with aggravating circumstances, crimen injuria and attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances.The charge of crimen injuria was explained by Baloyi: "(After the murder)... they pulled down his (Terre'Blanche's) pants to his knees and exposed his private parts."No pleaThe case was postponed to April 14. The two had not yet pleaded to the charges."We had two sessions today, one was informal and one was formal," Baloyi said."In the informal session we outlined the charges we intend to bring against the two accused and the summary of facts we are relying on.""In session two, we spoke about complying with the provisions of the new act."He said the act provided for the treatment of children who committed an offence and laid down the procedure that needed to be followed, adding that the probation officer had compiled a report as per the act.The accuseds' rights were explained in court and necessary documentation, such as birth certificates, was handed over.Criminal capacityBaloyi said the inquiries were "all but finalised except for one issue"."That is the criminal capacity of the accused (the minor)."They had to determine whether the youth had the capacity to commit murder or whether he was acting on someone else's instruction."It was postponed for seven days to finalise that issue."Baloyi said the entire trial would be held in camera, due to the age of the one accused.Trial in camera"The law is very clear the trial must take place in camera," he said.NPA head Menzi Simelane confirmed that there would only be one trial, saying thus far "from the information, they are the only ones involved in the crime".He said there were sufficient provisions to move the case to the High Court but certain matters had to be taken into account such as the Ventersdorp community wanting justice "from here".He said people in South Africa generally respected court outcomes and although the case might take place in Ventersdorp, it was still in South Africa with a Constitution generally obeyed by the people.Simelane said it was difficult to say when the trial would begin.Asked why he had attended the case, he said: "I am at work like you are. I work from any court..."Victim's family scaredThe 15-year-old's attorney, Zola Majabu, relayed a message from the youth to the community: "Please, please don't hurt my family".Family members told Sapa they were "traumatised" and scared. They feared for their lives.Right wing leader Terre'Blanche was murdered at his farm outside Ventersdorp on Saturday.- Are you there? Send us your photos
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AWB appoints new leader

Apr 6, 2010 3:02 PM
THE AWB has appointed Steyn van Ronge as their new leader well ahead of its planned national conference on May 1.
The group held a press conference outside the farm of slain founder Eugene Terre Blanche where the move was announced.
The decision on the new leader was initially meant to be taken at the AWB national conference on May 1.
It is not yet known why Van Ronge was appointed so soon after Terre Blanche’s killing on Saturday.
Van Ronge said: “The AWB as a structure must move forward. The executive leadership of the party decided to elect me.”
He said he was a member of the AWB for over 20 years and lives in the southern Free State.
( The Times )

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