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Helen Zille waarsku oor vloedgolf van woede....3368 plaasmoorde ....genoeg is genoeg !

Zille waarsku oor vloedgolf van woede

2010-04-06 17:03
Verwante skakels
AWB-graffiti ontsier hoofweg
Terre’Blanche-moordverdagtes geprys
NVG-hoof by Terre'Blanche-verhoor
Kaapstad – Die moord op die AWB-leier Eugene Terre'Blanche het ‘n “vloedgolf van opgekropte woede en frustrasie” in sekere dele van die Suid-Afrikaanse gemeenskap tot gevolg gehad. Só het Helen Zille, DA-leier, Dinsdag aan die media gesê tydens ‘n perskonferensie by die parlement in Kaapstad. Volgens Zille is dit nou tyd dat Jacob Zuma “soos ‘n president optree” en die leier van die ANC-jeugliga, Julius Malema, aan die strot gryp. “Vir meer as ‘n dekade reeds is boere en die landbougemeenskap die slagoffers van toenemende kriminele geweld. Daar het reeds 3 368 plaasmoorde in hierdie tydperk plaasgevind. “Die omstrede Julius Malema het die boere-moordlied, "Skiet die boere", weer gewild gemaak. Die feit dat die ANC ‘n skakel tussen die sing van hierdie lied en die plaasmoorde ontken, help glad nie.“Ons moet die feit erken dat hierdie lied mense aanmoedig om ‘n spesifieke groep in die samelewing te teiken. Ons moet verstaan waarom mense kwaad word oor ‘n lied wat op moord aandring. “Ons moet verstaan dat die situasie vererger word deur die feit dat die land se president nie standpunt inneem nie,” het Zille gesê. Zille het Terre’Blanche se dood as ‘n “hoogs invloedryke oomblik” in Suid-Afrika se geskiedenis beskryf. Sy was glo verlig om te hoor dat die AWB besluit het om hulle verklaring terug te trek waarin hulle gedreig het om wraak te neem.“Ons kan nie geweld met geweld regstel nie,” het sy gesê. - Sapa
ANC moet Malema stilmaak of AWB tree op, dreig ET nog
2010-04-04 22:21
Neels Jackson
Net meer as drie weke voor sy dood het mnr. Eugène Terre’ Blanche teenoor Beeld gedreig met AWB-optrede as die ANC mnr. Julius Malema nie sou stilmaak nie.Terre’Blanche het Beeld die oggend van 11 Maart gebel en gesê die AWB wou ’n verklaring oor Malema uitreik. Dit was na aanleiding van Malema se liedjie waarin die moord op boere besing word.Die AWB het nie e-pos of faksgeriewe geredelik beskikbaar gehad nie en Terre’Blanche het die telefoon aan een van sy kollegas gegee om die volgende verklaring te dikteer:“Tydens ’n blitsvergadering van die uitvoerende raad van die AWB is ’n besluit geneem dat indien Malema nie deur die hoogste gesag van die ANC gerepudieer word nie, die AWB Malema se uitlatings as ’n oorlogsverklaring teen die wit man sal beskou.“In hierdie stadium is daar al meer boere, vroue en kinders onder ANC-bewind vermoor as burgers wat in ’n driejarige oorlog teen die mag van Brittanje gesneuwel het.“Die ANC en sy skoothondjie, Julius Malema, moet nou aanvaar dat die AWB nie in staat sal wees om die geweld wat Malema ontketen, te stuit nie.“Hiermee verklaar ek as leier van die AWB met veragting dat die ANC-regering en sy sogenaamde jeugbeweging onder Malema inderdaad oorlog verklaar het teen weerlose boervroue en -kinders.“Die nuwe kommandostruk- ture wat die AWB tans ontplooi, sal inderdaad Malema se blatante en onverantwoordelike uitsprake as die hoogste prioriteit op sy eersdaagse uitvoerende- raadsvergadering beskou.”Daarna het Terre’Blanche self nog enkele sinne gepraat, waarin hy onder meer oor Malema gesê het: “Óf sy leiers maak hom stil óf ons sal moet optree.”Op ’n vraag wat daardie optrede sou behels, het Terre’Blanche net gesê: “Dan sal die uitvoerende raad (van die AWB) besluit wat om te doen.”
Terre'Blanche 'loved or hated'

Gert van der Westhuizen, Beeld
Pretoria - To write about the life of Eugène Terre’Blanche is definitely not an easy thing to do. He was either hated by his opponents or loved by his supporters.Others regarded him as a political clown with green underpants full of holes and a paper tiger who fell from his horse.You are therefore bound to satisfy no-one with a retrospective of his public career.The Afrikaner also has an inherent respect for death, which often forces people to say only pleasant things about the deceased. But you can never forget who Eugène Terre’Blanche was and what he stood for.AttentionHe drew attention for the first time when he and a few friends tarred and feathered Professor Floors van Jaarsveld in 1979 when they disliked the historian's view on the Day of the Covenant.During the 1980s, Terre’Blanche and his AWB increasingly drew more attention with incendiary speeches and public shows of power.One paramilitary unit after another was founded by the AWB: Aquila, the Stormvalke (Storm hawks – a motorbike corps), the Wenkommando (Winning commando), the Goue Arende (Golden Eagles – an air wing) and the Ystergarde (Iron guard), to name but a few.Towards the end of the decade, Terre’Blanche almost single-handedly destroyed his movement after news broke of his extra-marital affair with columnist Jani Allan, and stories about his alcohol abuse came to light.He alienated several of his supporters who then again founded their own movements.Although similar rumours dogged the AWB leader for the rest of the 20th century, his movement got a second wind after the unbanning of the ANC in 1990.New South AfricaAs the new South Africa emerged, the units increased and the rhetoric became more violent (there was later even a unit with the ominous name: Retribution unit).The AWB and Terre’Blanche declared war almost every week.The war talk and threats made at the time, make ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema look like a bumbling amateur.For instance, in 1993, after the murder of South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani, he ignored calls for calm."All I can say, is that a murderer was murdered," declared Terre’Blanche. "If he had continued and the communists had continued with the war to overthrow the state authority and take my country, then I might have had to shoot him myself!"In this political climate, several AWB members committed acts of violence.Incidents like the "Battle of Ventersdorp" in 1991, in which three right-wing members died and more than 50 people were injured when the AWB wanted to prevent former president FW de Klerk from making a speech, were unavoidable.Embarrassment After Hani's murder, Terre’Blanche's position as the true leader of the right wing was threatened again when several retired generals went into politics and founded the Afrikaner Volksfront (AVF).Terre’Blanche initially did not want to become part of the greater organisation, but later agreed to join in when it appeared that the AWB was becoming increasingly irrelevant.From the start, he was an embarrassment to the AVF, which was led by General Constand Viljoen.AWB members, for instance, with the "Battle of the World Trade Centre" ignored AVF orders and caused great embarrassment to Viljoen with their disorderly behaviour.Nevertheless, the AWB remained part of the right-wing opposition against the new South Africa and its leader continued to huff and puff. Some supporters did not only huff and puff. There were for instance, the roadblock murders late in 1993, when four people were murdered on the road between Krugersdorp and Ventersdorp. The ear of one of the victims was even cut off.Bophuthatswana 'invasion'In March 1993, the AWB also "invaded" the former homeland of Bophuthatswana, despite clear calls from Viljoen and the homeland leader Lucas Mangope, to stay away.AWB members arrived in bakkies and cars to keep Mangope's regime going. They angered local residents by shooting wildly at people and shouting racist slogans.Their right-wing friends at the AVF also wanted nothing to do with these bullies and the AWB had to leave with its tail between the legs.Five right-wingers died in Bophuthatswana, among them three AWB members who were executed in front of media cameras after their fellow invaders left them behind.But it didn't stop Terre’Blanche from claiming a "shining victory".He said five AWB members died and six were injured but that the "other side" had 50 dead and 285 wounded.The "other side" were innocent civilians, not one soldier or policeman had been killed by the right-wingers.More than anything else, the AWB had helped to bring Mangope's reign to an end.A commission of inquiry held the AWB responsible for the deaths of five people and recommended that Terre’Blanche and other prominent leaders of the AWB were criminally charged. This never happened.No political heritageThe Bophuthatswana fiasco was the end of the AWB as a factor in South African politics.A splinter group caused death and devastation through bomb attacks shortly before the election in 1994, but very few people would again take the AWB or Terre’Blanche seriously.History could almost be seen to have left him and his movement behind.Terre’Blanche didn't really leave a political heritage, he was an embarrassment, even to his own right-wing friends.For victims of the AWB, he was nothing more than a racist promoter of violence. He had largely been forgotten until he was murdered this weekend.No-one deserves to be murdered with a panga and a knobkerrie. You could only concur with Nathi Mthethwa, the minister of police's statement in Ventersdorp on Monday: A human being is dead; a human being has been murdered.- Van der Westhuizen is a senior journalist from Beeld who reported extensively about Terre’Blanche and the AWB.
- Beeld
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Young suspect for Terre’Blanche murder is a convict
06 April 2010Getrude Makhafola
‘Scars caused by Eugene are forever’
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The AWB changes tune and calls for serenity
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AWB name new leader Serving a sentence for burglary
The 15-year-old arrested for the murder of AWB leader Eugène Terre’Blanche has been in trouble with the law before.
The teenager’s uncle told Sowetan that his nephew was doing community service after he was arrested with his friends for a break-in at a biscuit factory two years ago.
The boy, who was brought up by his grandmother, stopped attending school at primary level.
The uncle described the teenager as a very quiet child. He started working for Terre’Blanche towards the end of last year.
“He was doing community service. Although he slept at Terre’Blanche’s property he came back on Saturdays to clean the police station as instructed by the court,” said the uncle who cannot be named to protect the minor’s identity.
The boy told his stepfather Terre’Blanche owed him and his alleged accomplice three months’ wages.
“The police brought him here very early in the morning and told us he has been arrested. He told me they had not been paid for three months and they wanted Terre’Blanche to pay them all their money as it was already the end of the month,” the stepfather said.
He too cannot be named to protect the minor’s identity.
“I was shocked when he said he was working for Terre’Blanche, but we could not do anything about it. However, I never saw the money he said he was allegedly earning,” his uncle said.
The teenager and a 28- year-old man were arrested after Terre’Blanche’s killing on his farm outside Ventersdorp. A knife and panga were used in the brutal murder.
“He is still a child. His future has been messed up by this arrest, I do not know what to do or say anymore,” the stepfather said.
The two will appear in the Ventersdorp court today.
( Sowetan )
Zille wants meeting with Zuma over Malema
2010-04-06 21:04
Terre'Blanche: Malema denies blame
Spike in race tensions - institute
Cape Town - Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille has asked for an urgent meeting with President Jacob Zuma to discuss "the implications of (ANC Youth League president) Julius Malema's hate speech".A written request for a meeting was sent to the president's office on Tuesday, her office said in a statement.Earlier, Zille addressed the media at Parliament on the murder at the weekend of Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) leader Eugene Terre'Blanche and Malema's use of a struggle song that includes the words "shoot the boer".She told journalists that merely pointing out, as the African National Congress had done, that there was no direct evidence linking Malema's hate speech to Terre'Blanche's murder was "unhelpful, to say the least".Zille also called on Zuma to "act like a president and tell his youth league and its leader that we cannot allow our history of division to destroy our chances of building a shared future".Use of struggle songsResponding to a question, she said Malema's use of a provocative struggle song had not come out of nowhere."When we have a leader who sings 'bring me my machine gun', what's the machine gun for? Not eating your breakfast. That's the critical point; these things all go together."Struggle songs are part of our history, but then there are very different struggle songs as well, that don't contain those words."For a leader to sing a song about "bring me my machine gun" was totally inappropriate in a constitutional democracy.Zille warned that Malema was prepared to sacrifice South Africa's future to further his own ambitions.'Power hold' over ZumaHe had no concept of the rule of just law and due process, and no understanding of the Constitution, for which many had worked and were seeking to defend."(He) believes that in his personal, political interest he can undermine everything everybody has fought for, for so long, and sacrifice everyone's future for the sake of his personal ambitions. That is what we're dealing with here."Julius Malema occupies no position at any level of government... Yet somehow he manages to drag everybody else in that government around by the nose," she said.It was crucially important for Zuma to take a hard line with extremists such as Malema, but he had not done so, the DA leader said."He's missed opportunity after opportunity, and he lets us conclude only one thing: that Julius Malema has some sort of hold over Jacob Zuma that makes it impossible for Jacob Zuma to do his duty as the country's president," Zille said.
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